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        American antiquity                                                          Washington

       American historical review                                             Washington

       The Americas                                                                Washington

       Aztlan                                                                            Los Angeles

       Berkeley journal of sociology                                         Berkeley

       Buddhist-christian studies                                              Honolulu

       Church history                                                             Chicago

       Civil war history                                                            Kent

      Comparative studies in society and history                     Cambridge

      Diplomatic history                                                         Boston

       Ethnohistory                                                                  Durham

       Foreign affairs                                                                New York

       French historical studies                                                 Durham 

        Greek, Roman and Byzantine studies                             Durham

      Hispanic American historical review (HAHR)                 Durham

         Historical archaeology                                                   Ann Arbor

      Historical methods                                                         Chicago

      History and theory                                                         Middletown

       Journal of modern history                                               Chicago

      Journal of near Eastern studies                                       Chicago

      History of political economy                                           Durham

      History of religions                                                        Chicago

       Journal of American history                                             Bloomington

      Journal of economic history                                             New York

      Journal of Latin American studies                                    Cambridge

     Journal of the American Oriental society                          New Haven

       Journal of the Early Republic                                          West Lafayette

       Journal of the history of ideas                                         Philadelphia

       Journal of the history of philosophy                                 Baltimore

       Labor history                                                                 Washington

       Latin American politics and society                                 Coral Cables

       Latin American research review                                      Albuquerque

         Mexican studies                                                              Irvine

       Middle East journal                                                        Washington

         Nationalities papers                                                        New York

       Oral History review                                                         Berkeley

     Orthodox life                                                                   Jordanville

        Pacific historical review                                                    Berkeley

       Radical history review                                                     Durham

       Reviews in American history                                           Baltimore

       Slavic review                                                                   Urbana

       Speculum. A journal of medieval studies                         Cambridge

        Victorian studies                                                             Bloomington


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