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Gender and social policy in a global context

Gender and social policy in a global context: uncovering the gendered structure of 'the social'

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1 Gender and Social Policy in a Global Context: Uncovering the Gendered Structure of 'the Social'
Shireen Hassim and Shahra Razavi
Part I Historical and Regional Trajectories in Social Provisioning
2 Mothers at the Service of the New Poverty Agenda: The PROGRESA/Oportunidades Programme in Mexico
Maxine Molynenx
3 Gender and Post-socialist Welfare States in Central Eastern Europe: Family Policy Reforms in Poland and the Czech Republic Compared
Silke Steinhilber
4 Maternalist Policies versus Women's Economie Citizenship? Gendered Social Policy in Iran
Valentine M. Moghadam
5Gender Equality and Developmental Social Welfare in South Africa
Shireen Hassim
6Social Policy Reforms and Gender in Japan and South Korea
Ito Peng
7The Evolution of the Women-friendly State: Opportunities and Constraints in the Swedish Welfare State
Barbara Hobson
8 The Adult-worker-model Family and Gender Equality: Principles to Enable the Valuing and Sharing of Care
Jane Lewis and Susanna Giullari
Part II Labour Market Informality and the Search for Social Security
9 Labour Market Informalization, Gender and Social Protection: Reflections on Poor Urban Households in Bolivia and Ecuador
Lourdes Beneria and Maria S. Floro
10 Working People and Access to Social Protection
Fraude Litnd
Part III Gender Dimensions of Social-sector Restructuring
11 ender and Health Sector Reform: Analytical Perspectives on African Experience
Manreen Mackintosh and Paula Tibandebage
12Health Sector Reform in China: Gender Equality and Social Justice
Ju feit Wang
13Secondary Education in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh: Gender Dimensions of State Policy and Practice
Jyotsna Jha and Raniya Subrahmanian
Part IV Financing Social Provisioning and Counting in Women
14Gendered Implications of Tax Reform in Latin America: Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica and Jamaica
Evelyne Huber
15Expectations versus Realities in Gender-responsive Budget Initiatives
Debbie Budlender

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