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Gender in the early medieval world

Gender in the early medieval world: east and west, 300-900

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1 Introduction: gendering the early medieval world
Julia M. H. Smith

Part I gender in late antique, Byzantine and Islamic societies
2 Gender and ethnicity in the early Middle Ages
Walter Pohl
3 Clothes maketh the man: power dressing and elite masculinity in the later Roman world
Mary Harlow
4 Social transformation, gender transformation? The court eunuch, 300-900
Shaun Tougher
5 Sex, lies and textuality: the Secret History of Prokopios the rhetoric of gender in sixth-century Byzantium
Leslie Brubaker
6 Romance and reality in the Byzantine bride shows
Martha Vinson
7 Men, women and slaves in Abbasid society
Julia Bray
8 Gender and politics in the harem of al-Muqtadir
Nadia Maria El Cheikh
Part II gender in Germanic societies
9 Dressing conservatively: women's brooches as markers of ethnic identity?
Bonnie Effros
10 Gendering courts in the early medieval west
Janet L. Nelson
11 Men, women and liturgical practice in the early medieval west
Gisela Muschiol
12 Gender and the patronage of culture in Merovingian Gaul
Yitzhak Hen
13 Genealogy denied by women: the case of the Pippinids
Ian Wood
14 Bride shows revisited: praise, slander and exegesis in the reign of the empress Judith
Mayke de Jong
15 'What is the Word if not semen?' Priestly bodies in Carolingian exegesis
Lynda Coon
16 Negotiating gender, family and status in Anglo-Saxon burial practices, c. 600950
Dawn Hadley

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