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HEKMAN Gender and knowledge

HEKMAN, Susan J.
      Gender and knowledge: elements of a postmodern feminism

Table of contents

1 Modernism, Postmodernism and Feminism.

2 Rational/Irrational.

I Postmodernism and rationality
Nietzsche: Truth is a woman
II The feminist critique of rationality
Language and reality
The Man of reason The diagnosis
The Man of reason The Alternatives
III Liberalism and feminism

3 Subject/Object.

I Postmodern philosophy and the Death of Man
The postmodern critique of the subject: Gadamer, Derrida and Foucault
II The feminist critique of subjects and objects
III Subjects, objects and social sciences

4 Nature/Culture.

I Postmodernism and science
II Nature and culture
III A feminist science?
IV Womans nature

5 The Possibilities of a Postmodern Feminism.

I The feminist case against postmodernism
II Other critiques
III Derrida: supplementary logic
IV Foucault and political action: a feminist perspective
V Conclusion


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