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The cultural turn in late ancient studies

The cultural turn in late ancient studies: gender, asceticism, and historiography

Table of contents

DALE . MARTIN Introduction

DAVID BRAKKE The Lady Appears: Materializations of Woman in Early Monastic Literature
MAUREEN A. TILLEY No Friendly Letters: Augustine's Correspondence with Women
SUSAN ASHBROOK HARVEY On Mary's Voice: Gendered Words in Syriac Marian Tradition
PATRICIA COX MILLER Is There a Harlot in This Text?: Hagiography and the Grotesque
VIRGINIA BURRUS Macrina's Tattoo

DAVID G. HUNTER Rereading the Jovinianist Controversy: Asceticism and Clerical Authority in Late Ancient Christianity
JAMES E. GOEHRING The Dark Side of Landscape: Ideology and Power in the Christian Myth of the Desert
BLAKE LEYERLE Monks and Other Animals

DANIEL BOYARIN Archives in the Fiction: Rabbinic Historiography and Church History
AVERIL CAMERON How to Read Heresiology
TERESA . SHAW Ascetic Practice and the Genealogy of Heresy: Problems in Modern Scholarship and Ancient Textual Representation
MARK VESSEY History, Fiction, and Figuralism in Book 8 of Augustine's Confessions 237
SUSANNA ELM Hellenism and Historiography: Gregory of Nazianzus and Julian in Dialogue 258
PHILIP ROUSSEAU Knowing Theodoret: Text and Self 278
DENNIS E. TROUT Damasus and the Invention of Early Christian Rome 298

Index of Modern Authors
Index of Citations to Ancient Authors and Scriptures

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