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WHITES Gender matters

      Gender matters: civil war, reconstruction, and the making of the New South


Table of contents

Part I Civil War and Reconstruction: Turning the Household Inside Out
1. The Civil War as a Crisis in Gender
2. Strong Minds and Strong Hearts: The Ladies National League and the Civil War as an Intragender War
3. A Rebel Though She Be: Gender and Missouri's War of the Households
4. Home Guards and Home Traitors: Loyalty and Prostitution in Civil War St. Louis
5. Stand By Your Man: The Ladies Memorial Association and the Reconstruction of Southern White Manhood
6. You Can't Change History by Moving a Rock: Gender, Race, and the Cultural Politics of Confederate Memorialization

Part II Gender, Race, and Class in the Making of the New South
7. Paternalism and Protest in Augusta's Cotton Mills: What's Gender Got to do with It?
8. The De Graffenried Controversy: Class, Race, and Gender in the New South
9. Rebecca Latimer Felton and the Problem of Protection in the New South
10. Rebecca Latimer Felton and the Wife's Farm: The Class and Racial Politics of Gender Reform
11. Love, Hate, Rape, Lynching: Rebecca Latimer Felton and the Gender Politics of Racial Violence

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