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The English historical review ()


Vol.CXX N 487  2005

1. Moss M. The Hutton inquiry, the President of Nigeria and What the Butler hoped to see - P.577-592

2. Heal F. What can King Lucius do for you?: The Reformation and the early dritish church - P.593-614

3. Jenner M. Death, decomposition and dechristianisation?: Public health and church burial in eighteenth-century England - P.615-632

4. Cameron E.A. Communication or separation?: Reactions Irish land agitation and legislation in the Higylands of Scotland, c.1870-1910 - P.633-666

5. Nuttall J. Labour revisionism and qualities of mind and character, 1931-79 - P.667-694

6. Butterwick R. Political discourses of the Polish revolution, 1788-92 - P.695-731


Ingram M. Men and women in late medieval and early modern times - P.732-758


Vol.CXX N 488  2005

1. Patterson C. Quo Warranto and borough corporations in Early Stuart England: Royal prerogative and local privileges in the Central Courts - P.879-906

2. Wolffe J. Lord Palmerston and religion: a reappraisal - S.907-936

3. Louis R. Wm. Sir Keith Hancock and the British Empire: The Pax Britannica and the Pax Americana - P.937-962

4. Mark J. Society, Resistance and Revolution: The Budapest middle class and the Hungarian communist state 1948-56

5. d'Avray D.L. Authentication of Marital Status: A thirteenth-century English Royal Annulment Process and  Late Medieval Cases from the Papal Penitentiary - P.987-1013

6. Clarke P.D. English Royal Marriages and the Papal Penitentiary in the Fifteenth Century - P.1014-1029

- P.963-986


Vol.CXX N 489  2005

1. Mortimer I. The death of Edward II in Berkeley Castle - P.1175-1214

2. Atherton I. and Como D. The burning of Edward Wightman: puritanism, prelacy and the politics of heresy in early modern England - P.1215-1250

3. Conlin J. Wilkes, the Chevalier D'Eon and  "the Dregs of Liberty": An Anglo-French perspective on ministerial despotism, 1762-1771 - P.1251-1288

4. Saunders R. Lord John Russell and parliamentary reform, 1848-67 - P.1289-1315 


Vol.CXXI N 490  2006

1. Wallis P. Plagues, morality and the place of medicine in early modern England - P.1-24

2. Readman P. Conservatives and the politics of land: Lord Winchilsea's National Agricultural Union, 1893-1901 - P.25-69

3. Smith J. "Ever reliable friends?": The Conservative party and Ulster unionism in the twentieth century - P.70-103

4. Rady M. The Prologue to Werboczy's Tripartitum and its sourses -P.104-145

5. Rogers P. Defoe's distribution agents and Robert Harley -P.146-161

6. Brockliss L. aj. Nelson's grand national obsequies - P.162-182


7. O'Hara G.S. Living with neighbours?: The New Cambridge Economic History of Britain and the renovation of economic history - P.183-189


Vol.CXXI N 491  2006

1. Tucker P. First steps towards an English legal profession: The case of the London "Ordinance of 1280" - P.361-384

2. Otte T.G. "Avenge England's Dishonour": By-elections, Parliament and the politics of Foreign Policy in 1898 - P.385-428

3. Sarantakes N.E. One last crusade: The British Pacific Fleet and its impact on the Anglo-American Alliance - P.429-466

4. Bryan L.Marriage and morals in the fourteenth century: The Evidence of Bishop Hamo's Register - P.466-486


Vol.CXXI N 492  2006

1. Power A. A mirror for every age: the reputation of Roger Bacon - P.657-693

2. Onnekink D. "Mynheer benting now rules over us": the ist earl of Portland and the Re-emergence of the English favourite, 1689-99 - P.693-714

3. Durey M. William Wickham, the Christ Church Connection and the rise and fall of the security service in Britain, 1793-1801 - P.714-746

4. Jones E. The Matthew of Bristol and the financiers of John Cabot's 1497 voyage to North America - P.778-796


Vol.CXXI N 493  2006

1. Arnold J. Colet, wolsey and the politics of reform: St Paul's Cathedral in 1518 - P.979-1002

2. A. Nice J. "The peculiar place of God": early modern representations of England and France - P.1002-1019

3. Miller J. Containing devesion in restoration Norwich - P.1019-1048

4. Armstrong R. Ireland's puritan revolution? The emergence of ulster presbyterianism reconsidered - P.1048-1075

5. Thorpe A. "In a rather emotional state?" The labour party and British intervention in Greece, 1944-5 - P.1075-1106 


Vol.CXXI N 494  2006

1. A. Sowerby T. "All our books do be sent into other countreys and translated": Henrician polemic in its international context - P.1271-1300

2. Larminie V. The Jacobean diplomatic fraternity and the protestant cause: sir Isaac Wake and the view from Savoy - P. 1300-1327

3. Pugh M. The liberal party and the popular front - P.1327-1351

4. Shaw T. The BBC, the State and Cold War culture: the case of television's The war game (1965) - P.1351-1385 

5. Healy P. A supposed letter of archbishop Lanfranc: concepts of the universal church in the investiture contest - P.1385-1408

6. Bachrach D.S. English artillery 1189-1307: the implications of terminology - P.1408-1431 


Vol.CXXII N 495  2007

1. Frankopan P. Kinship and the distribution of power in Komnenian Byzantium - P.1-35

2. Walter J. 'Affronts & insolencies': the voices of Radwinter and popular opposition to Laudianism - P.35-61

3. Freeman M., Pearson R.,Taylor J. 'Different and better?' Scottish joint-stock companies and the law, c.1720-1845 - P.61-82

4. Muller F. L. The spectre of a people in arms: The Prussian government and the militarisation of German nationalism, 1859-1864 - P.82-105

5. J. Potter S. Richard Jebb, John S. Ewart, and the Round Table, 1898-1926 - P.105-133


Vol.CXXII N 496  2007

1. Halsall G. The Preface to Book V of Gregory of Tours"Histories: Its Form, Context and Significance - P.297-317

2. Hartland B. English Lords in Late Thirteenth and Early Fourteenth Century Ireland: Roger Bigod and the de Clare lords of Thomond - P.318-348

3. Hicks M. The Second Anonymous Continuation of the Crowland Abbey Chronicle 1459-86 Revisited - P.349-370


Vol.CXXII N 497  2007

1. Oldfield P. Urban government in Southern Italy, c.1085-c.1127 - P.579-609

2. Slack P. The politics of consumption and England's happiness in the later Seventeenth Century - P.609-632

3. Peters M. Early Hanoverian consciousness: Empire or Europe? - P.632-669

4. Swift R.E. Policing chartism, 1839-1848: The role of the 'Specials" reconsidered - P.669-700

5. Taylor J. Company fraud in Victorian Britain: The royal British bank scandal of 1856 - P.700-725


Vol.CXXII N 498  2007

1. Carpenter D.A. King Henry III and Saint Edward the Confessor: The Origins of the Cult - P.865

2. Zim R. Religion and the Politic Counsellor: Thomas Sackville, 1536-1608 - P. 892

3. Lisle J. Lord Commisssioner of the Great Seal, and the Last Months of the Cromwellian Protectorate - P.918

4. Fisher J. Official Responses to Foreign Travel at the British Foreign and India Offices before 1914 - P.937

5. Cragoe M. 'We Like Local Patriotiam': The Conservative Party and the Discourse of Decentralisation, 1947-51 - P.965

6. Maddicott J.R. Responses to  the Threat of Invasion, 1085 - P.986

7. Linehan P.A., Zutshi P.N.R.  Fiat A: the Earliest Known Roll of Petition Signed by the Pope (1307) - P. 998


Vol.CXXII N 499 2007


1. Baxter St. MS C of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and the Politics of Mid-Eleventh-Century England - P.1189

2. Jurdjevic M. Machiavelli s Hybrid Republicanism - P.1228

3. Bowen L. Dismantling Prerogative Goverment: The Council in the Marches and the Long Parliament - P.1258

4. Rose J. Robert Brade s Intellectual History and Royalist Antipopery in Restoration England -  P.1287

5. Harrison E.D.R. On Secret Service for the Duce: Umberto Campini in Portuguese East Africa, 1941-1943 - P.1318


Vol.CXXIII N 500 2008


1. Nightingale P. The Intervention of the Crown and the Effectiveness of the Sheriff in the Execution of Judicial Writs 1355-1530 - P.1

2. Rix K. "The Elimination of Corrupt Practices in British Elections"? Reassessing the Impact of the 1883 Corrupt Practices Act. - P.65

3. McKercher B.J.C. Deterrence and the European Balance of Power: The Field Force and British Grand Strategy, 1934-1938 - P.98


Vol.CXXIII N 502 2008

1. Karn N. Robert de Sigillo: An Unruly Head of the Royal Scriptorium in the 1120S and 1130S - P.539

2. Wilson P.H. The Causes of the Thirty Years War 1618-48 - P.554

3. Withington PH. Citizns, Soldiers and Urban Culture in Restoration England - P.587

4. Barr C. 'Imperium in Imperio': Irish Episopal Imperialism in the Nineteenth Century - P.611


Vol.CXXIII N 503 2008

1. Baldwin J.W. Master Stephen Langton, Future Archbishop of Canterbury: The Paris Schools and Magna Carta. -P.811

2. Kelly H.A. Thomas More on Inquisitorial Due Process - P.847

3. Stoyle M. The Road to Farndon Field: Explaining the Massacre of the Royalist Women at Naseby. - P.895

4. Rudolph J. Gender and the Development of Forensic Science: A Case Study. - P.924


Vol.CXXIII N 504 2008

1. Rundle D., Quinti V.H. The Unoriginality of Tito Livio Frulovisi's - P.1109

2. Questier M. Catholic Loyalism in Early Stuart England - P.1132

3. Constatine St. The Pirate, the Governor and the Secretary of State: Aliens, Police and Surveillance in Early Nineteenth-Century Gibraltar - P.1166

4. Weinstein B. 'Local Self-Government Is True Socialism'; Joshua Toulmin Smith, the State and Character Formation - P.1193

5. Drolet M. Industry, Class and Society: A Historiographic Reinterpretation of Michel Chevalier - P.1229



Jones M. Between the Bear and the Dragon: Nixon, Kissinger and U.S. Foreign Policy in the Era of Detente - 1272


Vol.CXXIII N 505 2008

1. Lack K. The De Obitu Willelmi: Propaganda for the Anglo-Norman Succession, 1087 -88? - P. 1417

2. Hort M. The Price and Quality of Wine and Conspicuous Consumption in England 1646 - 1759. - P. 1457


Vol.CXXIV N 506 2009

1. MacLean S. Insinuation, Censorship and the Struggle for Late Carolingian Lotharingia in Regino of Prum`s Chronicle - P. 1

2. Sowerby S. Of Different Complexions: Religious Diversity and National Identity in James II`s Toleration Campaign - P. 29 

3. Harrison E.D.R. British Radio Security and Intelligence, 1939-43 - P. 53


Giruin B. Beyond Revisionism? Some Recent Contributions to the Study of Modern Ireland - P.94 


Vol.CXXIV N 507 2009

1. Given-Wilson C. The Exequies of Edward III and the Royal Funeral Ceremony in Late Medieval England. - P.257

2. Smith H. and Taylor S. Hephaestion and Alexander: Lord Hervey, Frederick, Prince of Wales, and the Royal Favourite in England in the 1730s. - P.238

3. Hughes M. The Banality of Brutalilty: British Armed Forces and the Repression. - P. 313

4. Nelson J.L. Church Properties and the Propertied Church: Donors, the Clergy and the Church in Medieval Western Europe from the Fourth Century tj the Twelfth. - P.355


Vol.CXXIV N 507 2009

1. Licence T. History and Hagiography in the Late Eleventh Century: The Life and Work of Herman the Archdeacon, Monk of Bury St. Edmunds - P.516

2. Smith S.D. and Wheele T.R. 'Requisites of a Considerable Trade': The Letters of Robert Plumsted, Atlantic Merchant, 1752-58 -P.545

3. Westaway J. The German Community in Manchester, Middle-Class Culture and the Development of Mountaineering in Britian, c. 1850-1914 - P.571

4. Beck P.J. 'The Less Said about Suez the Better': British Governments and the Politics of Suez`s History, 1956-67 - P.605

5. Collins R. Making Sense of the Early Middle Ages - P.641


Vol.CXXIV N 509 2009

1. Loud G.A. The Chancery and Charters of the Kings of Sicily (1130-1212) - P.779

2. Morgan D.A.L. Hearne`s ` Fragment` and the Long Prehistory of English Memoirs. P.811

3. Conway S. Chistians, Catholics, Protestants: The Religious Links of Britain and Ireland with Continental Europe, c 1689-1800 - P.833

4. Tomlinson J. Balanced Accounts? Constructing the Balance of Payments Problem in Post-war Britain - P.863

5. Haines R.M. Sumptuous Apparel for a Royal Prisoner: Archbishop Melton`s Letter, 14 January 1330 - P.885

Vol.CXXIV N 510 2009 

1. Cubitt C. 'As the lawbook teaches': Reeves, lawbooks and urban life in the anonymous old English legend of the Seven Sleepers. - p. 1021.

2. Winship M. P. Freeborn (Puritan) Englishmen and slavish subjections: Popish Tyranny and puritan constitutionalism. - p. 1050.

3. Baignet E., Bradley J. E. The social sources of late eighteenth-century English radicalism: Bristol in the 1770s and 1780s. - 1075.

4. O'Hara G. 'The sea is swinging into view': Modern British Maritime History in a globalised world. - p. 1109.


Vol.CXXIV N 511 2009 

1.  Molyneaux G. The Old English Bede: English Ideology or Christian Instruction? - p.1289

2.  Pearce A. J. The HopeBarings Contract: Finance and Trade Between Europe and the Americas, 18051808. - p.1324.

3.Brown  M. Medicine, Reform and the End of Charity in Early Nineteenth-Century England.  - p.1353

4. Robertson J. Hugh Trevor-Roper, Intellectual History and The Religious Origins of the Enlightenment.- p.1389.

5. Rowlands I. W. The Text and Distribution of the Writ for the Publication of Magna Carta, 1215. - p.1422.

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