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Journal of Contemporary History ()

Vol.41 N 1  2006

1. Stibbe M. The internment of civilians by belligerent states during the First World War and the response of the International Committee of the Red Cross - P. 5-20

2. Tyldesley M. The German youth movement and national-socialism: some views from Britain - P.21-34

3. Gottlieb J. The marketing of megalomania: celebrity, consumption and the development of political technology in the British Union of fascists - P.35-56

4. Gotz N. and Kiran K.P. Facing the fascist model: discourse and construction of labour services in the USA and Sweden in the 1930s and 1940s - P.57-74

5. Chapman J. The BBC and the censorship of The War Game (1965) - P.75-94

6. Sanford G. The Katyn massacre and Polish-Soviet relations, 1941-43 - P.95-112

7. Neumaier Ch. The escalation of German reprisal policy in occupied France, 1941-42 - P.113-132

8. Bryant Ch. The language of resistance? Czek jokes and joke-telling under nazi occupation,1943-45 - P.133-152

9. Goeschel Ch. Suicide at the end of the Third Reich - P. 153-173


Vol.41 N 3  2006

1. Elder S. Murder, denunciation and criminal policing in Weimar Berlin - P.401-421

2. Ludi R. The vectors of postwar victim reparations: relief, redress and memory politics - P.421-451

3. W. Clark M. Hero or villain? Bertolt Brecht and the crisis surrounding. June 1953 - P. 451-477

4. Granville J. Ulbricht in October 1956: survival of the Spitzbart during destalinization - P.477-503

5. Palmowski J. Regional identities and the limits of Democratic Centralism in the GDR - P.503-526


Vol.41 N 4  2006

1. Zweiniger-Bragielowska I. Building a British Suoerman: physical culture in interwar Britain - P.595-611

2. Beck H. Between the dictates of conscience and pjlitical expediency: Hitler's conservative alliance partner and antisemitism during the nazi seizure of power - P.611-641

3. E. Chapman M. Pro-franko anti-communism: Ellery Sedgwik and the Atlantic monthly - P.641-663

4. Duranti M. Utopia, nostalgia and Warld War at the 1939-40 New York world's fair - P.663-685

5. J. Kay A. Germany's Staatssekretare, mass starvation and the meeting of 2 May 1941 - P. 685-701

6. S. Chivvis Ch. Charles de Gaulle, Jacques Rueff and French international monetary policy under Bretton Woods - P.701-720

7. Tal D. The secretary of state versus the secretary of peace: the Dulles-Stassen controversy and US disarmament policy, 1955-58 - P.721-741

8. Wolf R. 'Mass deception without deceivers?' The Holocaust on East and West German radio in the 1960s - P.741-757


Vol.42 N 1  2007


1. J. Evans R. Nazism, Christianity and political religion: A debate - P. 5-9

2. Stowers S. The concepts of 'Religion', 'Political religion' and the study of nazism - P.9-25

3. L. Bergen D. Nazism and christianity: Partners and rivals? A response to Richard Steigmann-Gall, The Holy Reich. Nazi conceptions of christianity, 1919-1945 - P. 25-35

4. Gailus M. A strange obsession with nazi christianity: A critical comment on Richard Steigmann-Gall's The Holy Reich - P. 35-47 

5. Piper E. Steigmann-Gall, The Holy Reich - P.47-59

6. Hexham I. Inventing 'Paganists': A close reading of Richard Steigmann-Gall's The Holy Reich - P. 59-79


1. Madureira N. L. Cartelization and corporatism: Bureaucratic rule in authoritarian Portugal, 1926-45 - P. 79-97

2. Ruiz J. Defending the republic: The Garcia Atadell  Brigade in Madrid, 1936 - P.97-117

3. Young K. US 'Atomic capability' and the British forward bases in the early Cold War - P. 117-137


Vol.42 N 2  2007

1. Steigmann-Gall R. Christianity and the nazi movement: a response - P.185-213

2. Kissane B. Eamon de Valera and the survival of democracy in inter-war Ireland - P.213-227

3. Baxa P. Capturing the fascist moment: Hitler's visit to Italy in 1938 and the radicalization of fascist Italy - P.227-243

4. Everest-Phillips M. The pre-war fear of Japanese espionage: its impact and legacy - P.243-267

5. Burds J. The Soviet war against "Fifth columnists": the case of Chechnya, 1942-4 - P.267-315

6. Mazurek M., Hilton M. Consumerism, solidarity and communism: consumer protection and the consumer movement in Poland - P.315-343


Vol.42 N 3  2007

1. Eckel J. Hans Rothfels - an intellectual biography in the age of extremes - P.421-447

2. Love G. 'What's the big idea?': Oswald Mosley, the British Union of fascists and generic fascism - P.447-469

3. Parsons G. Fascism and catholicism: A case study of the Sacrario dei caduti fascisti in the Crypt of San Domenico, Siena - P.469-485

4. Sheail J. Torrey Canyon: The political dimension - P.485-505


Vol.42 N 4  2007

1.Waddington L.L. The Anti-Komintern and Nazi Anti-Bolshevik Propaganda in the 1930-s - P. 573

2. Edwards A. Social Democracy and partition: The British Labour Party and Nothern Ireland, 1951-64 - P.595

3. Arnold K.J., Lubbers G.C. The Meeting of the Staatssekretare on 2 May 1941 and the Werhmacht: A Document up for Discussion - P.613


Vol.43 N 2 2008

1.Whyte M. The Uses and Abuses of Nietzsche in the Third Reich: Alfred Baeumler's 'Heroic Realism' - P.171

2.Meszerics T. Undermine, or Bring Them Over: SOE and OSS Plans for Hungary in 1943 - P.195

3. Buchanan A.  'Good morning, Pupil' American Representations of Italianness and the Occupatoion of Italy, 1943-1945 - P.217

4. Pinto C.A. Political Purges and State Crisis in Portugal's Transition to Democracy, 1975-76 - P.305


Vol.43 N 3 2008

1. Raanan R. Echoes of the Spanish Civil War in Palestine: zionists, communists and the contemporary press - P.9

2. Avdela E. "Corrupting and uncontrollable activities": moral panic about youth in Post-Civil-War Greece - P.25

3. Dubow S. Smuts, the United Nations and the rhetoric of race and rights - P.45


Vol.43 N 3 2008

1. Cohen G.D. Between Relief and Politics: Refugee Humanitarianism in Occupied Germany 1945-1946 - P.437 - 449

2. Reinisch J. "We Shall Rebuild Anew a Powerful Nation": UNRRA, Internationalism and National Reconstruction in Poland - P.451-476

3. Weindling P. "For the Love of Christ": Strategies of International Catholic Relief and the Allied Occupation of Germany, 1945-1948 - P.477-492


Vol.43 N 4 2008

1. Prezioso S. Antifascism and Anti-totalitarianism: The Italian Debate - P.555-572

2. Editor G. Stephen Tuck rethinking the 1970 s



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