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Historia ()

   Bd. 54 Heft 3  2005

1. Koiv M. The origins, development, and reliability of the ancient tradition about the formation of Spartan constitution - P.233-264

2. Rubincam C. A tale of two "Magni": Justin/Trogus on Alexander and Pompey - P.265-274

3. Ridley R.T. The absent Pontifex Maximus - P.275-300

4. Barrett A.A. Aulus Caecina Severus and the military woman - P.301-314

5. Sidebottom H. Roman imperialism: The changed outward trajectory of the Roman Empire - P.315-330

6. Dark K. The archaeological implications of fourth-and fifth-century descriptions of villas in the Northwest Provinces of the Roman Empire - P.331-342


Bd.54 Heft 4  2005

1. Engen D.T. "Ancient greenbacks": Athenian Owls, the Lae of Nikophon, and the Greek economy - S.359-381

2. Koptev A. "Three brothers" at the head of Archaic Rome: the King and his "consuls" - S.382-423

3. Rance Ph. Narses and the battle of Taginae (Busta Gallorum) 552: Procopius and sixth-century warefare - S.424-472

4. Croke B. Jordanes and the immediate past - S.473-494


Bd.55  Heft 1  2006

1. Gill D.W.J. Hippodamus and the Piraeus - S.1-15

2. O'Neil J.L. Placrs and origin of the officials of Ptolemaic Egypt - S.16-25

3. Kaizer T. In search of oriental cults. Methodogical problems concerning "The particular" and "The general" in Near Eastern religion in the Hellenistic and Roman period - S.26-47

4. Du Plessis P. Janus in the Roman law of urban lease - S.48-63

5. Gayet F. Les unites auxiliaires gauloises sous le Haut-Empire romain - S.64-105

6. Rohrbacher D. The sources for the lost books of Ammianus Marcellinus - S.106-124


Bd.55 Heft 2  2006

1. Kaplan Ph. (University of North Florida, Jacksonville), Dedications to Greek sanctuaries by foreign kings in the Eighth through Sixth centuries BCE - S.129-153

2. Habicht Ch. (Princeton, New Jersey), Versaumter Gotterdienst - S.153-167

3. L. H. Barnes Ch. (Brooklyn Colledge of the City Univercity of New York), The ferries of tenedos - S.167-178

4. Riemer U. (Saarbrucken), Apuleius, de magia. Zur historizitat der rede - S. 178-191

5. Raimondi M. (Universita cattolica del sacro cuore, Milano), Il Breviarium di festo e il funzionariato cappadoce alla corte di valente - S. 191-207

6. Chew K. (California State Univercity, Long Beach), Virgins and eunuchs: pulcheria, politics and the death of emperor Theodosius II - S. 207-228

7. Lorenz S. (Berlin), Otto Seeck  und die Spatantike - S. 228-243


Bd.55 Heft 3  2006

1. Silver M. (City Colledge of the University of New York), Slaves versus free hired workers in ancient Greece - S. 257-264

2. K. Schiller A. (Chicago, Illinois), Multiple gentile affiliations and the athenian response to Roman domination - S. 264-285

3. Dmitriev S. (Ball State Univercity, Muncie, Indiana), Cappadocian dynastic rearrangements on the eve of the First Mithridatic War - S. 285-298

4. Amerise M. (Universita di Perugia - Universitat Bamberg), Filostorgio e la morte di Constantino il Grande - S. 328-344

5. Salzman M. R. (Univercity of California, Riverside), Symmachus and the "Barbarian" generals - S. 352-368

6. Hahn J. (Unniversitat Munster), Vetustus error exinctus est - Wann wurde das Sarapeion von Alexandria zerstort? - S. 368-383


Bd.55 Heft 4  2006

1. Heckel W. (University of Calgary), Mazaeus, Callisthenes and the Alexander Sarcophagus - S.385-397

2. P. Fronda M. (McGill University, Montreal), Livy 9.20 and early Roman imperialism in Apulia - S.397-418

3. Mouritsen H. (King's College London), Caius Gracchus and the cives sine suffragio - S.418-426

4. Matijevic K. (Universitat Osnabruck), Cicero, Antonius und die acta Caesaris - S.426-451

5. Peretz D. (Tel Aviv University), The Roman interpreter and his doplomatic and military roles - S.451-471

6. MacMullen R. (Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut), The power of the Roman Empire - S.471-482

7. Ratti St. (Universite de Dijon), Malalas, Aurelien et l'Histoire Auguste - S.482-493

8. Daryaee T. (California State University, Fullerton), The construction of the past in late antique Persia - S.493-504


Bd.56 Heft 1  2007

1. Isayev E. (Univercity of Exeter), Unruly youth? The myth of generation conflict in late republican Rome - S.1-14

2. Fezzi L. (Universita degli Studi di Pisa), Il Commentariolum petitionis: sguardi dalle democrazie contemporanee - S.14-27

3. Thorne J. (Univercity of Manchester), The chronology of the campaign against the Helvetii: a clue to Caesar's intentions? - S.27-37

4. Danchez Vendramini D.N. (Universidad de Cordoba - Universitat Tubingen), War Seneca martials gonner? - P.37-46

5. Ezov A. (Kibbutz Mishmar HaEmek, Israel), The centurions in the Rhine legions in the Second and early Third Century - P.46-82

6. Carla F. (Universita degli Studi di Udine), Tu tantum praefecti mihi studium et annonam in necessariis locis praebe: prefettura al pretorio e annona militaris nel III secolo d. C - S.82-111


Bd.56 Heft 2  2007

1. Remijsen S. (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), The postal service and the hour as a unit of time in antiquity - S.127-141

2. Mouritsen H. (King's College London), The civitas sine suffragio: Ancient concepts and modern ideology - S.141-159

3. Morstein-Marx R. (Univercity of California, Santa Barbara), Caesar's alleged fear of prosecution and his Ratio Absentis in the approach to the Civil War - S.159-179

4. H.Rutledge S. (Univercity of Maryland, College Park), The Roman destruction os sacred sities - S.179-196

5. Zuiderhoek A. (Homerton College, Cambridge, UK), The ambiguity of munificence - S.196-214

6. Ruscu L.C. (Universitatea Babes-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca), On Nicopolis ad Istrum and her territory - S.214-230

7. V.Ebbeler J. (Univercity of Texas, Austin), Sogno C. (Univercity of California, Irvine), Religious identity and the politics of patronage: symmachus and Augustine - S.230-243

Bd.56 Heft 3  2007
1. Adak M. (Adkendiz Universitesi, Antalya), Die rhodische Herrschaft in Lykien und die rechtlishe Stellung der Stadte Xanthos, Phaselis und Melanippion - p. 251-279
2. D. Hoover O. (The American Numismatic Society, New York, NY), A Revised Chronology for the Late Seleucids at Antioch (121/0-64 BC) - p. 280-301
3. N. Doukellis P. (Universite de la mer Egee, Mytilene, Lesbos), Auteurs grecs et paysages coloniaux romains - p. 302-321
4. Scheidel W. (Stanford University), A model of real income growth in Roman Italy - p. 322-346
5. Silver M. (City College of the city University of new York), Those exotic roman elites: Behavior vs. preferences - p. 347-355
6. B. E. Smith R. (University of Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne), A lost Historian of Alexander 'Descended from Alexander', and read by Julian? Praxagoras of Athens reviewed in the light of Attic Epigraphy - p. 356-380


Bd.57 Heft 1 2008

1. Berndt-Ersoz S. (Stockholm-Istanbul), The Chronology and Historical Context of Midas - p.1

2. Schubert Ch. (University Leipzig), Die Naukarien: Zur Entwicklung der attischen Finanzadministration - p.38

3. Bolmarcich S. (University of Texas at Austin), The Date of the "Oath of the Peloponnesian League" - p.65

4. Serrati J. (McGill University, Montreal), A Syracusan Private Altar and the Development of Ruler-Cult in Hellenistic Sicily - p.80

5. Giovannini A. (Universite de Geneve), Date et objectifs de la lex de prouinciis praetoriis (Roman Statutes, no 12) - p.92

6. Roche P. (University of Sydney), The Public Imagery of the Emperor Otho - p.108


Bd.57 Heft 2 2008

1. Rosivach V.J. (Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT), Why Seize the Acropolis? - p.125

2. March D.A. (American University of Beirut), Kleisthenes and the League of Athena Pallenis - p.134

3. Dyck A.R. (Los Angeles), Rivals into Partners: Hortensius and Cicero - p.142

4. Tansey P. (Macquarie University, Sydney), Q.Aemilius Lepidus (Barbula?) Cos.21 B.C. - p.174

5. Seelentag G. (Universitat zu Koln), Der Kaiser als Fursorger - die italische Alimentarinstitution - p.208


Bd.57 Heft 3 2008 

1. Ma J. (Corpus Christi College Oxford), Mysians on the Can Sarcophagus? Ethnicity and Domination in Achaimenid Military Art - p.243

2. Todini L. (Genova), Erodoto e il ciclo figurativo della Stoa Poikile - p. 255

3. Bissa E.M.A. (University of Wales, Lampeter), Investment Patterns in the Laurion Mining Industry in the Fourth century BCE - p. 263

4. Deanini F. (Munchen), Der Hof des Herodes. Zu siener Struktur und Geschichte - p.274

5. Winterling A. (Universitat Basel), Freundschaft und Klientel im kaiserzeitlichen Rom - p.298

6. Henry M. (St. Andrews), Procope en Italie: les notices sur le Vesuve - p.317

7. Borm H. (Christian-Albrechts-Universitat zu Kiel), "Es war allerdings nicht so, daB sie es im Sinne eines Tributes erhielten, wie viele meinten...". Anlasse und Funktion der persischen Geldforderunger an die Romer (3. bis 6. Jh.) - p.327


Bd.57 Heft 4 2008 

1. Humble N. (University of Calgary), Re-dating a Lost Painting: Euphranor`s Battle of Mantineia - p. 347

2. Drummond A. (University of Newcastle), The Ban on Gentiles Holding the Same Priesthood and Sulla`s Augurate - p. 367

3. Champlin E. (Princeton University), Tiberius the Wise - p. 408

4. Hartmann U. (Christian-Albrechts-Universitat zu Kiel), Das Bild der Parther dei Plutarch - p. 426

5. Baini V. (Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano), Il confine danubiano fra politica amministrativa e strategia militare in eta teodosiana - p. 453


Bd.58 Heft 1 2009 

1. Honigman S. (Tel Aviv University), Euhemerus of Messene and Plato`s Atlantis - p.1 

2. Lundgreen C. (Technische Universitat Dresden - EPHE Sorbonne Paris), Geheim (nisvoll)e Abstimmung in Rom. Die leges tabellariae und ihre Konsequenzen fur die Comitien und die res publica - p.36

3. Meister J.B. (Universitat Basel), Pisos Augenbrauen. Zur Lesbarkeit aristokratischer Korper in der spaten romischen Republik - p.71
4. Maurizio Colombo (Roma), La forza numerica e la composizione degli eserciti campali durante l`Alto Impero: Legioni e auxilia da Cesare Augusto a Traiano - p.96

5. Heck E. (Universitat Tubingen), Constantin und Lactanz in Trier - Chronologisches - p.118

Bd. 58 Heft 2 2009

1. Griffith R. D. (Quen's univ., Ontario), Honeymoon salad: Cambyses' Uzoricide According to the Egiptians (Hdt 3.32.3-4). - p. 131-140.

2. Block J. H. (Urecht univ.), Perikles' Citizenship law: a new perspective. - p. 141-170.

3. Hau L. I. (Univ. of Bristol), The burden of goos fortune in Diodoros of Sicily: a case for originality? - p. 171-197.

4. Roselaar S. T. (Univ. of Manchester), Reference to Gracchan activity in the Liber Colonarum. - p. 198-214.

5. Coskun A. (Univ. of Exeter - Univ. of Waterloo), Zu den Bedingungen des Burgerrechtserwerbs per magistratum in der spaten romischen Republik. - p. 225-242.

6. Power T. J.  (Univ. of Reading) The servant's taunt: Homer and Suetonius' Galba. - p. 242-245.

7. Silver M. (City univ. of New York), Must frequently performed economics services have distinctive names? A probe of Finley hypothesis. - p. 246-256.

Bd. 58 Heft 3 2009

1. Kapellos A. (Univ. of Ioannina, Greece), Adeimantos at Aegospotami: Innocent or guilty? - p. 257-275.

2. Anson E. (Univ. of Arkansas at Little Rock), Philip II, Amyntas Perdicca, and Macedonian royal succession. - p. 276-286.

3. Meeus A. (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), Some institutional problems concerning the succession to Alexander the Great: Prostasia and Chillarchy? - p. 287-310.

4. Kleijn G. de (Radboud Univ. Nijmegen), C. Licinius Mucanus, leader in time of crisis. - p. 311-324.

5. Nicols J. (Univ. of Oregon, Eugene), Epictetus, the Rhetorian from Cnossos, and the practice of civic patronage in the Principate. - p. 325-335.

6. Rubel A. (Institutul de Archeologie, Iasi), Die Okonomische und politische Bedetung von Bosporos und Hellenspont in der Antike.

7. Harvey D. (Univ. of Exeter), The length of the regins of Kleomenes. - p. 356-357.

8. Primo A. (Universita de Pisa), Un frammento dal libro 26 de Polibio? - p. 358-360/

9. Santangelo F. (Univ. of Wales, Lampeter), What did the Cloatii do for Gytheum? A note on Syll. 748. - p. 361-366.

10. Starr R. J.  (Wellesley College, wellesley, MA), Annos undeviginti natus: Augustus and Romulus in Res Gestae I. I. - p. 367-369.

11. Paschoud F. (Univ. de Geneve), Pleine  lune a Nacolee (Amm. 26, 9, 9)? - p. 370-371.

Bd. 58 Heft 3 2009

1. Charlotte Schubert, Dewid Laspe Perikles' defensiver Kriegsplan: Eine thukydideische Erfindung? - S. 373-394
Christopher Matthew When Push Comes to Shove: What was the Othismos of Hoplite Combat. - S. 395-415
Rosa Reuthner Philosophia und oikonomia als weibliche Disziplinen in Traktaten und Lehrbriefen neupythagoreischer Philosophinnen. - S. 416-437
Holger Müller Die Kosten des 3: Makedonischen Krieges. - S. 438-467
Eleanor Cowan Tiberius and Augustus in Tiberian Soureces. - S. 468-485
Michael A. Speidel Wirtschaft und Moral im Urteil Diokletians: Zu den kaiserlichen Argumenten für Höchstpreise. - S. 486-505

Bd. 59 Heft 1 2010

1. Antonella Ruberto "Il demos", gli aristocratici e i Persiani: il rapporto con la Persia nella politica ateniense del 507 al 479 a.C. - p. 1-25
2. Paul Christesen Kings palying politics: the heroization of chionis of Sparta. - p. 26-73
3. Federico Russo Il concetto di Italia nelle relazioni di Roma con Cartagine e Pirro. - p. 74-105
4. Sviatoslav Dmitriev Attalus' request for the cities of Aenus and Maronea in 167 B.C.- p. 106-114

Bd. 59 Heft 2 2010

1. Fornara, Charles The Aftermath of the Mytilenian Revolt. - p. 129-142
2. Lambert, Stephen A Polis and its Priests: Athenian Priesthoods before and after Pericles' Citizenship Law . - p. 143-175
3. Lerouge-Cohen, Charlotte Entre Légende Monétaire et Légende Noire: De Nouveau Sur Q. Labienus Parthicus Imp(Erator). - p. 176-188
4. Castello, Maria G. La Crisi Dell'impero e la Frantumazione Dell'illusioone di Rinascita. La Gratiarum Actio di Decimio Magno Ausonio. - p. 189-205
5. Harper, Kyle Slave Prices in Late Antiquity (And in the Very Long Term). - p. 206-238
6. Gelarda, Igor Persecuzioni Religiose dei Vandali in Sicilia. - p. 239-251

Bd. 59 Heft 3 2010

1. Valdés Guía, Miriam; Gallego, Julián Athenian Zeugitai and the Solonian Census Classes: New Reflections and Perspectives. - pp. 257-281(25) 
2.Yakobson, Alexander Traditional Political Culture and the People's Role in the Roman Republic. - pp. 282-302(21) 
3. Östenberg, Ida  Circum Metas Fertur: An Alternative Reading of the Triumphal Route. - pp. 303-320(18) 
4. de Quiroga, Pedro López Barja Empire Sociology: Italian Freedmen, from Success to Oblivion. - pp. 321-341(21) 
5. Andrade, Nathanael Ambiguity, Violence, and Community in the Cities of Judaea and Syria. - pp. 342-370(29) 
6. Castritius, Helmut Barbaren im Garten ,,Eden: Der Sonderweg der Vandalen in Nordafrika. - pp. 371-380(10)

Bd. 59 Heft 4 2010

1. Bubelis, William The Sacred Triremes and their Tamiai at Athens. - pp. 385-411.
2. Tober, Daniel Politeiai and Spartan Local History. - pp. 412-431.
3. Iossif, Panagiotis P.; Lorber, Catharine C. Hypaithros: A Numismatic Contribution to the Military History of Cappadocia. - pp. 432-447.
3. Tatum, W. Jeffrey Another Look at Tyche in Plutarch's Aemilius Paullus - Timoleon. - pp. 448-461.
4. Cristofoli, Roberto La Strategia Della Mediazione. Biogra fia politica di Aulo Irzio prima del consolato. - pp. 462-488.
5. Westall, Richard Simon of Cyrene, a Roman Citizen? - pp. 489-500.
6. Jones, Christopher Themistius After the Death of Julian. - pp. 501-506.

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