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The American historical review ()

Vol. 110 N 4  2005

1. Taylor W.B. Two Shrines of the Cristo Renovado: Religion and peasant politics in late colonial Mexico - P.945-974

AHR Forum: The debate over the Constitutional Revolution of 1937.

1. Kalman L. The Constitution, the Supreme Court, and the New Deal - P. 1052-1080

2. White E. Constitutional change and the New Deal - P.1094-1115


Vol. 110 N 4  2005

1. Smail D. In the grip of sacred history - P.1337-1361

2. Holguin S. "National Spain invites you": Battlefield tourism during the Spanish Civil War - P.1399-1426

3. Goldman W. Stalinist terror and democracy: The 1937 union campaign - P.1427-1453


Vol. 111 N 1  2006

1. Sheehan J.J. The problem of sovereignty in European history - P.1-15


Vol. 111 N 4  2006

1. W. Mathisen R. Peregini, Barbari, and Cives Romani: concepts of citizenship and the legal identity of Barbarians in the later Roman Empire - P.1011-1041


Vol. 111 N 5  2006

1. Zahra T. "Each nation only cares for its own": empire, nation, and child welfare activism in the Bohemian lands, 1900-1918 - P.1378-1403


Vol. 111 N 5  2006
1. Whitington P. Public discourse, corporate citizenship, and state formation in early modern England - p.1016-1038


Vol. 112 5 2007

1.Subrahmanyam S. Holding the World in Balance: The Connected Histories of the Iberian Overseas Empires, 1500-1640 - P.1359

2. Brattain M. race, Racism, and Antiracism: UNESCO and the Politics of Presenting Science to the Postwar Public - P.1386


Vol. 113 N 2 2008

1. Adelman j. An Age of Imperial Revolutions - P.319

2. Ford K. Reforestation, Landscape Conservation, and the Anxieties of Empire in French Colonial Algeria - P.341

Review Essy

3. Davis B. What's Left? Popular Political Participation in Postwar Europe - P.363


Vol. 113 N 3 2008

1. Tooze A. The Significance of the Trans-Appalachian Frontier in Atlantic History - P.647

2. Hirsch F. The Soviets at Nuremberg: International Law, Propaganda, and the Making of the Postwar Order - P.701

3. Novak W. The Myth of the "Weak" American State - P.752


Vol. 113 N 4 2008

1. Ross R.J. Puritan Godly in Comparative Perspective: Legal Pluralism and the Sources of "Intensity" - P.975-1002

2. Gosse V. "As a Nation, the English Are Our Friends": The Emergence of African American Politics in the British Atlantic World, 1772-1861 - P.1003-1028

AHR Forum: The General Crisis of the Seventeenth Century Revisited - P.1029-1099


 Vol. 113 N 5 2008

 1. Weitz E.D. From the Vienna to the Paris System: International Politics and the Entangled Histories of Human Rights, Forced Deportations, and Civilizing Mission - P.1313-1343

AHR Forum Revisiting "Gender: A Useful Category of Historical Analysis"

2. Introduction. - P.1344-1345

3. Meyerowitz J. A History of  "Gender" - P. 1346-1356

4.Tinsman H. A Paradigm of Our Own: Joan Scott in Latin American History - P. 1357-1374

5. Bucur M. An Archipelago of Stories: Gender History in Eastern Europe - P. 1375-1389

6. Elliot D. The Three Ages  of Joan Scott - P.1390-1403

7. Scott W. Unanswered Question - P. 1422-1430


Vol. 114 N 1 2009 

 Presidential Addres

1. Spiegel G.M. The Task of the Historian - P. 1-15


1. Frank A. The Petroleum  War of  1910: Standart Oil, Austria, and the Limits of the Multinational Corporation - P.16-41

 AHR Forum: The International 1968, Past I - P. 42-135



 Vol.114 N 2 2009

1.Green N.L. Expatriation, Expatriates, and Expats: The American Transformation of a Concept - P.307-328

AHR Forum: The international 1968, Part II - P.329-404


Vol. 114 N 3 2009 

AHR Roundtable: Historians and Biography

AHR Forum: Simon Schama`s A History of Britain

Vol. 114 N 4 2009

AHR Forum: Truth and Reconciliation in history 

AHR Forum: Taylor branch's America in the King Years

Vol. 114 N 5 2009

1. Brown V. Social Death and Political Life in the Study of Slavery - P. 1231- 1249

AHR Forum: Transnational Sexualities


Vol. 115 N 2 2010
1. Roper, Lyndal Martin Luther's Body: The Stout Doctor and His Biographers. - p. 351-384

Vol. 115 N 3 2010

1. Stanley, Amy Dru Instead of Waiting for the Thirteenth Amendment: The War Power, Slave Marriage and Inviolate Human Rights. - p. 732-765

AHR Exchange: On "myth" of "weak" American state (articles on pp. 766-800)

Vol. 115 N 4 2010

1. Donoghue John Out of the Land of Bondage: The English Revolution and the Atlantic Origins of Abolition. - p. 943-974.
2. Pedersen Susan Getting Out of Iraqin 1932: The League of Nations and the Road to Normative Statehood. - p. 975-1000.

AHR Forum: Intimate Life and Sexuality in Mid-Twentieth-Century France. - p. 1001-1096.

Vol. 115 N 5 2010
1. Keith David Watenpaugh The League of Nations' Rescue of Armenian Genocide Survivors and the Making of Modern Humanitarianism, 19201927(pp. 1315-1339)

AHR Forum: New Perspectives on the Enlightenment

Fredrik Albritton Jonsson Rival Ecologies of Global Commerce: Adam Smith and the Natural Historians(pp. 1342-1363)  William Max Nelson Making Men: Enlightenment Ideas of Racial Engineering(pp. 1364-1394) Sophus A. Reinert Lessons on the Rise and Fall of Great Powers: Conquest, Commerce, and Decline in Enlightenment Italy(pp. 1395-1425) Karen O'Brien The Return of the Enlightenment(pp. 1426-1435)

Vol. 116 N 1 2011

1. Etherington, Norman Barbarians Ancient and Modern (pp. 31-57)  
2. Moyn, Samuel The First Historian of Human Rights (pp. 58-79)    
3. Stein, Sarah Abrevaya  Protected Persons? The Baghdadi Jewish Diaspora, the British State, and the Persistence of Empire (pp. 80-108)  
4. Jersild, Austin The Soviet State as Imperial Scavenger: Catch Up and Surpass in the Transnational Socialist Bloc, 19501960 (pp. 109-132) 

Vol. 116 N 2 2011

AHR Forum: The Senses in History

Martin Jay In the Realm of the Senses: An Introduction (pp. 307-315) |  Sophia Rosenfeld On Being Heard: A Case for Paying Attention to the Historical Ear(pp. 316-334) | Mark S. R. Jenner Follow Your Nose? Smell, Smelling, and Their Histories(pp. 335-351) | Jessica Riskin  The Divine Optician(pp. 352-370) | Priscilla Parkhurst Ferguson  The Senses of Taste(pp. 371-384) | Elizabeth D. Harvey  The Portal of Touch(pp. 385-400)

Vol. 116 N 3 2011

1. Benjamin Lazier Earthrise; or, The Globalization of the World Picture(pp. 602-630)

AHR Forum: Historians and the Question of Modernity

Zvi Ben-Dor Benite Modernity: The Sphinx and the Historian(pp. 638-652) | Gurminder K. Bhambra  Historical Sociology, Modernity, and Postcolonial Critique(pp. 653-662) | Dipesh Chakrabarty  The Muddle of Modernity(pp. 663-675) | Carol Gluck  The End of Elsewhere: Writing Modernity Now(pp. 676-687) | Mark Roseman  National Socialism and the End of Modernity(pp. 688-701) | Dorothy Ross  American Modernities, Past and Present(pp. 702-714) | Carol Symes  When We Talk about Modernity(pp. 715-726) | Lynn M. Thomas  Modernity's Failings, Political Claims, and Intermediate Concepts(pp. 727-740) | Richard Wolin  Modernity: The Peregrinations of a Contested Historiographical Concept(pp. 741-751)

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