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The Americas: A quarterly review of interamerican cultural history ()

Vol.62 N 2 2005

1. Althouse A.P. Contested mestizos, alleged mulattos: racial identity and caste hierarchy in eighteenth century Patzcuaro, Mexico - P.151-176

2. Van Norman W.C., Jr. The process of cultural change among Cuban bozales during the nineteenth century - P.177-208

3. Yeager G. Religion, gender ideology, and the training of female public elementary school teachers in nineteenth century Chile - P.209-244

4. Drinot P. Food, race and working-class identity: Restaurantes populares and populism in 1930s Peru - P.245-270

Vol.62 N 4 2006

1. La Botz D. American "Slackers" in the Mexican Revolution: International proletarian politics in the midst of a National Revolution

2. Fiorucci F. Between institutional survival and intellectual commitment: The case of the Argentine society of writers during Peron's rule, 1945-1955 - P.591-623

3. McPhee K. "Immigrants with money are no use to us". Race and ethnicity in the Zona Portuaria of Rio de Janeiro, 1903-1912 - P.623-651

Vol.63 N 1 2006

1. Vinson III B. African (black) diaspora history, Latin American history - P.1-19

2. O'Toole R. S. "In a war against the Spanish": Andean protection and African resistance on the Northern Peruvian Coast - P.19-53

3. J. Garofalo L. Conjuring with Coca and the Inca: the andeanization of Lima's Afro-Peruvian ritual specialists, 1580-1690 - P.53-81

4. K. Bryant Sh. Finding gold, forming slavery: the creation of a classic slave society, Popayan, 1600-1700 - P.81-113

5. Medina Ch. B. Caught between rivals: the Spanish-African maroon competition for captive Indian labor in the region of Esmeraldas during the late Sixteenth and early Seventeenth centuries - P.113-137

Vol.63 N 3 2006

1. Hiatt W. Flying "Cholo": incas, airplanes, and the construction of Andean modernity in 1920s cuzco, Peru - P.327-359

2. Krippner J. Traces, images, and fictions: Paul Strand in Mexico, 1932-34 - P.359-385

3. Lacoste P. The rise and secularization of viticulture in Mendoza: the Godoy family contribution, 1700-1831 - P. 385-409

4. French J.H. A tale of two priests and two struggles: liberation theology from dictatorship to democracy in the Brazilian Northeast - P.409-445

Vol.63 N 4 2007

1. Altvan I. The Revolt of Enriquillo and the Historiography of Early Spanish America - P.587-614

Vol.64 N 4 2008

1. Dym J. Citizen of Which Repulic? Foregners and the Construction of National Citizenship in Central America, 1823-1845 - p.477

2. Rao S. Arbiters of Change: Provincial Elites and the Origins of Federalism in Argentina's Littoral, 1814-1820 - p.511

3. Garrett D.T. "In Spite of Her Sex": The Cacica and the Politics of the Pueblo in the Late Colonial Andes - p.547

3. Opie F.D. Black Americans and the State in Turn-of-the-Century - p.583

Vol.65 N 1

1. Lange B. Importing Freud and Lamarck to the Tropics: ArthurRamos and the Transformation of Brazilian Racial Thought, 1926-1939 - p.9

2. Fitz C.A. "A Stalwart Motor of Revolutions": An American Merchant in Pernambuco, 1817-1825 - p.35

3. Cook K.P. Navigating Identities: The Case of a Morisco Slave in Seventeenth-Century New Spain - p.63

Vol.65 N 2

1. Morales F. The Native Encounter With Christianity: Franciscans And Nahuas In Sixteenth-Century Mexico - P.137

2. Yannakakis Y. Witnesses, Spatial Practices, And A Land Dispute In Colonial Oaxaca - P.161

3. Catao Cruz Santos B. The Feast Of Corpus Christi: Artisan Crafts And Skilled Trades In Eighteen-Century Rio De Janeiro - P.193

4. Pani E. Saving The Nation Through Exclusion: Alien Laws In The Early Republic In The United States And Mexico - P.217

Vol.65 N 4

Special Issue: Personal Enemies of God: Anticlericals and Anticlericalism in Revolutionary Mexico, 1915-1940

Vol. 66 N 2

1. Ervin M. A. Statistics, maps and legibility: Negotiating nationalism in post-revolutionary Mexico. - p. 155

2. Blacker O'NeillCold war in the countryside: Conflict in Guerrero, Mexico. - p. 181

3. Libby D. C., Alencastro Graca Filho A. de Notarized and baptismal manumissions in the Parish of Sao Jose do Rio das Mortes, Minas Gerais (c. 1750-1850). - p. 211

4. Schwaller J. F./ Leon-Portilla M. Research note: Broken spears or broken bones: Evolution ofthe most famous line in Nabuhatl. - p. 241

Vol. 66 N 3

1. Schwaller, John F. Evangelization as Performance: Making Music, Telling Stories. - pp. 305-310

2. Mann, Kristin Dutcher Christmas in the Missions of Northern New Spain. - pp. 331-351

3. Christensen, Mark Z. The Tales of Two Cultures: Ecclesiastical Texts and Nahua and Maya Catholicisms. - pp. 353-377

4.Peloso, Vincent Dependency, History, and Scholarship: An Interview with Professor Stanley J. Stein. - pp. 379-392

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