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Comparative studies in society and history: An International quarterly ()


Vol. 48 N 2  2006

1. Lincoln B. An early moment in the discourse of "terrorism": Reflections on a tale from Marco Polo - P.242-259

2. Delaney C. Columbus' ultimate goal: Jerusalem - P.260-292

3. Knobler A. Holy wars, empires, and the portability of the past: The modern uses of medieval crusades - P.293-325

4. Barnes R.H. Maurice Godelier and the methamorphosis of kinship - P.326-358

5. Parkes P. Celtic fosterage: Adoptive kinship and clientage in Northwest Europe - P.359-395


Vol. 48 N 3  2006

1. Neiburg F. Inflation: economists and economic cultures in Brazil and Argentina - P.604-633

2. L. Johnson L. and Frank Z. Cities and wealth in the South Atlantic: Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro before 1860 - P.634-668


Vol. 48 N 4  2006

1. Riga L. Ethnonationalism, assimilation, and the social worlds of the Jewish bolsheviks in fin de siecle tsarist Russia - P.762-797

2. Rogers D. How to be a Khoziain in a transforming state: state formation and the ethics of governance in post-Soviet Russia - P.915-945


Vol. 50 N 3 2008

1. Bockman J. and Bernstein M.A. Scientific Community in a Divided World: Economists, Planning, and Research Priority during the Cold War - P.581-613

2. Adams L.L. Globalization, Universalim, and Cultural Form - P.614-640

3. Lindbero E. The Rise of Hamburg as a Global Marketplace in the Seventeenth Century: A Comparative Political Economy Perspective - P.641-662

4. Chatterjee Ch. Transnational Romance, Terror, and Heroism: Russia in American Popular Fiction, 1860-1917 - P.753-777


Vol. 50 N 4 2008

1. Frohman L. The Break-Up of the Poor Laws-German Style: Progressivism and the Origins of the Welfare State, 1900-1918 - P.981-1009


Vol. 51 N 1 2009

1. Chari S. & Verdey K. Thinking between the Posts: Postcolonialism, Postsocialism, & Ethnography - P.6-34

2. Ozyurek E. Convert Alert: German Muslims and Turkish Christians as Threats to Security in the New Europe - P.91-116

3. Fernandes-Armesto F. History beyond History: New Adventurers on the Frontiers of Traditional histiriography. A Review Essay - P.212-119


Vol. 51 N 2 2009

1. Bickford A. Soldiers, Citizens, and the State: East German Army Officers in Post-Unification Germany - P. 260-287

2. Fehervary K. Goods and States: The Political Logic of State-Socialist Material Culture - P.426-459


Vol. 51 N 3 2009

1. Ganev V.I. Postcommunist Political Capitalism: A Weberian Interpretation - P.648-674 


Vol. 52 N 4 2009

1. Ganger, Stefanie Conquering the past: Post-War Archeology and nationalism in the Borderlands of Chile and Peru, c. 1880-1920. - 691-714.

2.  Stanziani, Alessandro The Traveling Panopticon: Labor Institutions and Labor Practices in Russia and Britain in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. - p. 715-741

3.  Hodgson, Dennis Malthus' Essay on Population and the American Debate over Slavery. -  pp 742-770
4.  Rothman, E. Natalie Interpreting Dragomans: Boundaries and Crossings in the Early Modern Mediterranean. - pp 771-800

5.  Urton, Gary Sin, Confession, and the Arts of Book- and Cord-Keeping: An Intercontinental and Transcultural Exploration of Accounting and Governmentality. - pp 801-831

6. Lemon, Alaina Sympathy for the Weary State?: Cold War Chronotopes and Moscow Others. - pp 832-864

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