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Hispanic American historical review (HAHR) ()

Vol.85  N 3  2005

1. Earle R. Sobre Heroes y Tumbas: National symbols of nineteenth Spanish America - P. 375-416

2. Cussen C.L. The search for idols and saints in colonial Peru: Linking extirpation and beatification - P.417-448

3. Speck M. Closed-door imperialism: The politics of Cuban-U.S. trade, 1902-1933 - P. 449-483


Vol.85  N 4  2005

1. Sigal P. The Cuiloni, the Patlache, and the Abominable Sin: Homosexualities in early colonial Nahua society - P.555-594

2. Milton C.E. Poverty and the politics of colonialism: "Poor Spaniards", their petitions, and the erosion of privilege in late colonial Quito - P.595-626

3. Deere C.D. and Leom M. Liberalism and married women's property rights in nineteenth-century Latin America - P.627-678


Vol.86  N 1  2006

1. Moya J.C. A continent of immigrants: Postcolonial shifts in the Western Hemisphere - P.1-28

2. Yankelevich P. Hispanofobia y revolucion: Espanoles expulsados de Mexico (1911-1940) - P.29-60

3. Alfaro-Velcamp Th. Immigrant positioning in twentieth-century Mexico: Middle Easterns, foreign citizens, and multiculturalism - P.61-92

4. Bell L.D. In the name of the community: Populism, ethnicity, and politics among the Jews of Argentina under Peron, 1946-1955 - P.93-122


Vol.86  N 2  2006

1. Velasco e Cruz M.C. Puzzling out slave origins in Rio de Janeiro port unionism: The 1906 strike and the Sociedade de resistencia dos Trabalhadores - P.205-246

2. Pereira Toledo Machado M.H. From slave rebels to strikebreakers: The Quilombo of Jabaquara and the problem of citizenship in late-nineteenth-century Brazil - P.247-274

3. Garfield S. Tapping masculinity: Labor recruitment to the Brazilian Amazon during World War II - P.275-308

4. Proctor III , Frank "Trey". Gender and the manumission of slaves in New Spain - P.309-336


Vol.86  N 3  2006

1. Dym J. "Our pueblos, fractions with no central unity": Municipal sovereignty in Central America, 1808-1821 - P.431-467

2. Falcon R. El arte de la peticion: Rituales de obediencia y negociacion, Mexico, segunda mitad del siglo XIX - P.467-501


Vol.86  N 4  2006

1. D. O'Hara M. Stone, mortar, and memory: church construction and communities in late colonial Mexico city - P.647-681

2. Vallejos J.P. El despertar del proletario: el partido obrero socialista y la construccion de la identidad obrera en Chile - P.707-747

3. Barr-Melej P. Siloismo and the self in Allende's Chile: yoth, "total revolution", and the roots of the humanist movement - P.747-785

4. Cramer G., Prutsch U. Nelson A. Rockfeller's office of inter-American affairs (1940-1946) and record group 229 - P.785-807


Vol.87 N 1  2007

1. Alonso P. Ideological tensions in the foundational decade of "Modern Argentina": The political debates of the 1880s - P.3-43

2. Losada L. Oligarquia o elites? Estructura y composicion de las clases altas de la ciudad de Buenos Aires entre 1880 y 1930 - P.43-77

3. Finchelstein F. The anti-Freudian politics of Argentine fascism: anti-semitism, catholicism, and the internal enemy, 1932-1945 - P.77-111

4. Elena E. Peronist consumer politics and the problem of domesticating markets in Argentina, 1943-1955 - P.111-151


Vol.87 N 2  2007

1. Martland S. Reconstructing the city, constructing the state: government in Valparaiso after the earthquake of 1906 - P.221-255

2. Padilla T. From agraristas to guerrilleros: the Jaramillista movement in Morelos - P.255-293

3. D. Anderson R., Spike T. Making history count: the Guadalajara Census project (1791-1930) - P.327-353

4. Peloso V. The anonymous Lima Census of 1860 - P.353-362


Vol.88 N 2

1.Salvucci R. Forum on "Bargaining for Absolutism" by Alejandra Irigoin and Regina Grafe - P.169 


Vol.88 N 1 2008

1. Mumford J.R. Litigation as Ethnography in Sixteenth-Century Peru: Polo de Ondegardo and the Mitimaes - P.5

2. Chamosa O. Indigenous or Criollo: The Myth of White Argentina in Tucuman's Calchaqui Valley -P.71

 Vol.88 N 2 2008

1. Lacoste P. Wine and Women: Grape Growers and Pulperas in Mendoza, 1561-1852 - P.361

2. Chassen-Lopez F.R. A Patron of Progress: Juana Catarina Romero, the Nineteenth-Century Cacica of Tehuantepec - P.393

3. Levy J. The Marriage Penalty: Women, Property Rights, and Credit Markets in Yucatan, 1850-1900 - P.427

4. Gomes Da Cunha O.M. Learning to Serve - P.455


Vol.88 N 3 2008

1. Don Lopes P. The 1539 Inquisition and Trial of Don Carlos of Texcoco in Early Mexico - P.573-606

2. Osowski E.W. Passion Miracles and Indigenous Historical Memory in New Spain - P.607-638

3. Djenderedjian J. Roots of Revolution: Frontier Settlement Policy and the Emergence of New Spaces of Power in the Rio de la Plata Borderlands, 1777-1810 - P.639-668


Vol.89 N 1 2009

1. Alberto P.L. When Rio was Black: Soul Music, National Culture, and the Politics of Racial Comparison in 1907 Brazil - P.3-40

2. Konefal B. Subverting Authenticity: Reinas Indigenas and the Guatemalan State, 1978 - P.41-72

3. Guerra L. "To condemn the Revolution is to condemn Christ": Radicalization, Moral Redemption, and the Sacrifice of Civil Society in Cuba, 1960 - P.73-110


Vol.89 N 2 2009

1. Adamovsky E. Acerca de la relacion entre el Radicalismo argentino y la ``clase media`` (una ves mas) - P. 209-252

2. Roman J.A.S. Economic Elites, Regional Cleavages, and the First Attempts at Introducing the Income Tax in Argentina - P.253-284

3. Mazzuca S. and Robinson A. Political Conflict and Power Sharing in the Origins of Modern Colombia - P.285-322 


Vol.89 N 3 2009

1. Reis J.J. and Kraay H. "The Revolf of the Periquitos in Bahia, 1824 - P.399-434

2. Loveman M. The Race to Progress: Census Taking and Nation Making in Brazil (1870-1920) - P.435-470

3. Graubart K.B. The Creolization of the New World: Local Forms of Identification in Urban Colonial Peru, 1560-1640 - P.471


Vol.89 N 4 2009

1. Ross P.

Vol. 90 N 1 2010

1. Stephenson, Marcia  From Marvelous Antidote to the Poison of Idolatry: The Transatlantic Role of Andean Bezoar Stones during the Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries. - p. 3-39
2. Presta, Ana María Undressing the Coya and Dressing the Indian Woman: Market Economy, Clothing, and Identities in the Colonial Andes, La Plata (Charcas), Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries. - p. 41-74  
3. Milanesio, Natalia  Food Politics and Consumption in Peronist Argentina. - p. 75-108
4. French, John D.  How the Not-So-Powerless Prevail: Industrial Labor Market Demand and the Contours of Militancy in Mid-Twentieth-Century São Paulo, Brazil. - p. 109-142

Vol. 90 N 1 2010

1. Kuenzli, E. Gabrielle  Acting Inca: The Parameters of National Belonging in Early Twentieth-Century Bolivia. - p.  247-282
2. Reggiani, Andrés H.  Depopulation, Fascism, and Eugenics in 1930s Argentina. - p. 283-318 

Vol. 91 N 1 2010

1. Nara Milanich Women, Children, and the Social Organization of Domestic Labor in Chile. - p. 29-62.

2. Ann S. Blum Speaking of Work and Family: Reciprocity, Child Labor, and Social Reproduction, Mexico City, 1920 1940. - p. 63-95.  
3. Rebekah E. Pite Entertaining Inequalities: Doña Petrona, Juanita Bordoy, and Domestic Work in Mid-Twentieth-Century Argentina. - p. 97-128.  
4. Elizabeth Quay Hutchison Shifting Solidarities: The Politics of Household Workers in Cold War Chile. - p. 129-162.

Vol. 91 N 2 2011

1. David Cahill New Viceroyalty, New Nation, New Empire: A Transnational Imaginary for Peruvian Independence. - p. 203-235
2. Marcela Echeverri Popular Royalists, Empire, and Politics in Southwestern New Granada, 1809 1819 . - p. 237-269
3. Mark A. Burkholder Life without Empire: Audiencia Ministers after Independence . - p 271-298
4. Xabier Lamikiz Transatlantic Networks and Merchant Guild Rivalry in Colonial Trade with Peru, 1729 1780: A New Interpretation . - p. 299-331;

Vol. 91 N 2 2011

1. Julia Rodriguez A Complex Fabric: Intersecting Histories of Race, Gender, and Science in Latin America 
Hispanic American Historical Review. - p. 409-429
2. Nancy Leys Stepan The National and the International in Public Health: Carlos Chagas and the Rockefeller Foundation in Brazil, 1917 1930s 
Hispanic American Historical Review. - p. 469-502
3. Anne-Emanuelle Birn and Raúl Necochea López Footprints on the Future: Looking Forward to the History of Health and Medicine in Latin America in the Twenty-First Century. - p. 503-527

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