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The Journal of American history ()

Vol.92 N 2 2005

1. Reis E. Impossible hermaphrodites: Intersex in America, 1620-1960 - P.411-441

2. Holton W. Did democracy cause the recession that led to the Constitution? - P.442-469

3. Tuchinsky A-M. " The bourgeoisie will fall and fall forever": The New-York Tribune, the 1848 French revolution, and American social democratic discourse - P.470-497

4. Witwer D. Westbrook Pegler and the anti-union Movement - P.527-552

Vol.92 N 3 2005

1. Parsons E.F. Midnight rangers: costume and performance in Reconstruction-era Ku Klux Klan - P.811-836

2. Loss Ch.P. "The most wonderful thing has happened to me in the army": Psychology, citizenship, and amerocan higher education in World War II - P.864-891

Vol.95 N 2 2008

1. Friedman T.J. Exploiting the North-South Differential: Corporate Power, Southern Politics, and the Decline of Organized Labor after World War II - P.323

2. Griffith R.M. The Religious Encounters of Alfred C.Kinsey - P.349

Vol.95 N3 2008

1. Shermer E.T. Origing of the Conservative Ascendacy: Barry Goldwater`s Early Senate Career and the De-legitimization of Organized Labor - P. 678

2. Geary D. "Becoming International Again": C. Wright Mills and the Emergence of a Global New Left, 1956-1962 - P. 710

3. Meriwether J.H. "World a Lot of Negro Votes": Black Voters, Africa, and the 1960 Presidential Campaign - P. 737

4. Grasso C. and Wulf K. Nothing Says "Democracy" Like a Visit from the Queen: Reflections on Empire and Natoin in Early American Histories - P. 764

Vol.95 N4 2009

1. Guyatt N. ``The Outskirts of Our Happiness``: Race and the Lure of Colonization in the Early Republic. - P. 986

2. Green E.C. Relief from Relief: The Tampa Swing-Room Strike of 1937 and the Right to Welfare - P. 1012

3. Graser M. World History in aNation-State: TheTransnational Disposition in Historical Writing in the United States - P.1038

Diplomatic History Today: A Round Table:

Zeiler T.W. The Diplomatic History Bandwagon: A State of the Field; Logevall F.Politics and Foreign Relation;Pero D. M. On the Limits of Thomas Zeiler`s Historiographical Triumphalism; Gienow-Hecht J.C.E. What Bandwagon? Diplomatic History Today; Hoganson K. Hop off the Bandwagon! It`s a Mass Movement, Not a Parade.

Vol.96 N1 2009

1. Rohde J.Gray Matters: Social Scientists, Military Patronage, and Democracy in the Cold War. - P.99

2. Turner J.M. ``The Specter of Environmentalism``: Wilderness, Environmental Politics, and the Evolution of the New Right - P.123

Vol. 96 N. 2 2009

A special issue: Abraham Lincoln at 200. History and historiography.

Vol. 96 N. 4 2009

1. Yannielli, JosephGeorge Thompson among the Africans: Empathy, Authority, and Insanity in the Age of Abolition. - p. 979-1000

2. Kantrowitz, Stephen Intended for the Better Government of Man: The Political History of African American Freemasonry in the Era of Emancipation. - p. 1001-1026

3. Tetrault, LisaThe Incorporation of American Feminism: Suffragists and the Postbellum Lyceum. - p. 1027-1056

4. Meyerowitz, Joanne How Common Culture Shapes the Separate Lives: Sexuality, Race, and Mid-Twentieth-Century Social Constructionist Thought. - p.1057-1084

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