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Journal of Latin American studies ()

Vol. 37 P 3  2005

 1. Ponzio C.A. Globalisation and economic growth in the Third World: Some evidence from eighteenth-century Mexico - P. 437-467

2. Smith B.Th. Anticlericalism and resistance: The Diocese of Huajuapam de Leon 1930-1940 - P. 469-505

3. Rath Th. " Que el cielo un soldado en cada bijo te dio...": Conscription, recalcitrance and resistance in Mexico in the 1940s -P.507-529

4. Cueto M. Appropriation and resistance: Local responses to malaria eradication in Mexico, 1955-1970 - P.533-557

5. Gillingham P. The Emperor of Ixcateopan: Fraud, nationality and memory in modern Mexico - P.561-584

6. Anaya Munoz A. The emergence and development of politics of recognition of cultural diversity and indigenous peoples' rights in Mexico: Chiapas and Oaxaca in comparative perspective - P.585-610 


Vol. 37 P 4  2005

1. Panizza F. and Philip G. Second generation reform in Latin America: Reforming the public sector in Uruguay and Mexico - P.667-692

2. Ancochea D.S. Domestic capital, civil servants and the state: Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic under globalisation - P.693-726

3. Sanchez-Fung J.R. Exchange rates, monetary policy and interest rates in the Dominican Republic during the 1990s boom and new millennium crisis - P.727-738

4. Santa-Cruz A. Monitoring elections, redefining sovereignty: The 2000 Peruvian electoral process as an international event - P.739-768

5. Bain M. The Cuban perception of the Gorbachev era - P.769-791


Vol. 38 P 1  2006

1. Palacios M. Liberalism and conservatism in Chile: Attitudes and opinions of Chilean women at the start of the twenty-first century - P.1-34

2. Schonleitner G. Between liberal and participatory democracy: Tensions and dilemmas of leftist politics in Brazil - P.35-64

3. Forero O. and Redclift M. The role of the Mexican state in the development of Chile extraction in Yucatan, and the continuing importance of Coyotaje - P.65-94

4. Brown M. Richard Vowell's not-so-imperial eyes: Travel writing and adventure in nineteenth-century Hispanic America - P.95-124


Vol. 38 P 2  2006

1. Auyero J. The political makings of the 2001 looting in Argentina - P.241-266

2. Rodgers D. Living in the shadow of death: Gangs, violence and social order in urban Nicaragua, 1996-2002 - P.267-293

3. Desmond Arias E. The dynamics of criminal governance: Networks and social order in Rio de Janeiro - P.293-326

4. Greene S. Getting over the Andes: The geo-eco-politics of indigenous movements in Peru's twenty-first-century Inca empire - P.327-354

5. Aviles W. Para-militarism and Colombia's low-intensity democracy - P.379-408 


 Vol. 38 P 3  2006

1. Butler M. Revolution and the ritual year: religious conflict and innovation in Cristero Mexico - P.465-491

2. Sanz-Villarroya I. Economic Cycles in Argentina: 1875-1990 - P.549-571

3. Medina E. Designing freedom, regulating a nation: socialist cybernetics in Allende's chile - P.571-607

4. J. Pearce A. Rescates and Anglo-Spanish trade in the Caribbean during the French Revolutionary Wars, ca. 1797-1804 - P.607-625


Vol. 38 P 4  2006

1. Hall A. From Fome Zero to Bolsa Familia: social policies and poverty alleviation under Lula - P.689-711

2. Collins C. Grounding global justice: international networks and domestic human rights accountability in Chile and El Salvador - P.711-739

3. Rios-Figueroa J., M. Taylor M. Institutional determinants of the judicialisation of policy in Brazil and Mexico - P.739-767

4. A. Sommer B. Cracking down on the Cunhamenas: renegade Amazonian traders under pombaline reform - P.767-793

5. M. Uribe-Uran V. Innocent infants or abusive patriarchs? Spousal homicides, the punishment of Indians, and the law in colonial Mexico, 1740s-1820s - P.793-829

6. Horton L. Contesting state multiculturalisms: indigenous struggles in Eastern Panama - P.829-859 


Vol. 39 P 1  2007

1. Wolff J. (De-)Mobilising the marginalised: a comparison of the Argentine Piqueteros and Ecuador's indigenous movement - P.1-31

2. A. Romo A. Rethinking race and culture in Brazil's first Afro-brazilian Congress of 1934 - P.31-55

3. Lopez-Alonso M. Growth with inequality: living standards in Mexico, 1850-1950 - P.81-107

4. Caumartin C. 'Depoliticisation' in the reform of the Panamanian security apparatus - P.107-133

5. Dunkerley J. Evo Morales, the 'Two Bolivias' and the Third Bolivian Revolution - P.133-167


Vol. 39 P 2  2007

 1. Paquette G. State-Civil Society Cooperation and Conflict in the Spanish Empire: The Intellectual and Political Activities of the Ultramarine Consulados and Economic Societies - P.263-298

2. Cuesta J. Poltical Space, Pro-Poor Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy in Honduras: A Story of Missed Opportunities

3.Leogrande W.M. A Poverty of Imagination: George W.Bush s Policy in Latin America - P.355-385


Vol. 39 P 3  2007

1. Rettberg A. Private sector and peace in El Salvador, Guatemala and Colombia - P.463-495

2. Gonzales M. Imagining Mexico in 1910: visions of the Partia in the Centennial Celebration in Mexico city - P.495-535

3. Chazkel A. Beyond law and order: The origins of the Jogo do Bicho in republican Rio de Janeiro - P.535-567

4. Vizcarra C. Bourbon intervention in the Peruvian tobacco industry. 1752-1813 - P.567-595

5. Rap E. Cultural performance, resource flows and passion in politics: A situational analysis of an election rally in Western Mexico - P.595-627

 Vol. 39 P 4  2007
1. Wilson F. Transcending race? Schoolteachers and political militancy in Andean Peru, 1970-2000 - p. 719-746
2. Allan L. Nestor Kirchner, Santa Cruz and the Helios Continentalis controversy, 1991-1999 - p. 747-770
3. Novoa A . The dilemmas of male consumption in nineteenth-century Argentina: fashion, consumerism and Darwinism in Dominigo Samiento and Juan B. Alberdi - p. 771-796
4. Washbrook S. Enganche an Exports in Chinapas, Mexico: a comparison of plantation labour in the districts of Soconusco and Palenque, 1876-1911 - p. 797-826
5. Reyes-Jedelsky L. The crisis and the Estado docente and the critical education movement: the Esculeas Obreras Federales Racionalistas in Chile (1921-1926) - p. 827-856


Vol. 40 P 1 2008

1. Arza K. Pension Reform in Latin America: Distributional Principles, Inequalities and  Alternative Policy Options - p.1

2. Zucco C. The President s New Constituency: Lula and the Pragmatic Vote in Brazil s 2006 Presidential Elections - p.29

3. Pegram Th. Accountability in Hostile Times: The Case of the Peruvian Human Rights Ombudsman, 1996-2001 - p.51

4. Sanchez-Roman J.A. Shaping Taxation: Economic Elites and Fiscal Decision-Making in Argentina, 1920-1945 - p.83

5. Guerra-Manzo E. The Resistance of the Marginalised: Catholics in Eastern Michoacan and the Mexican State, 1920-40 - p.109


Vol. 40 P 2 2008

1.Bull B.Policy networks and Business participation in free trade negotiations in Chile - p.191

2. Leichnt J. The Political Dynamics of Agricultural Liberalisation in the US-Chile Free Trade Agreement - p.225

3. Neilson Ch. The Dynamics of Poverty in Chile - p.251

4. Bocketti G.P. Italian Immigrants, Brazilian Football, and the Dilemma of National Identity - p.275

5. Killick E. Godparents and Trading Partners: social and Economic Relations in Peruvian Amazonia - p.303


Vol. 40 P 3 2008

1. Dion M.L. and Russler C. Eradication Efforts, the State, Displacement and Poverty: Explaining Coca Cultivation in Colombia during Plan Colombia - p.399

2. Rozema R. Urban DDR-Processes: Paramilitaries and Criminal Networks in Medellin, Colombia - p.423

3. Peard J.G. Enchanted Edens and Nation-Making: Juana Manso, Education, Women and Trans-American Encounters in Nineteenth-century Argentina - p.453

4.  Yablon A.  Disciplined Rebels . The Revolution of 1880 in Buenos Aires - p.483

5. Toral P. The Foreign Direct Investments of Spanish Multinational Enterprises in Latin America, 1989-2005 - p.513


Coatsworth J.H. Inequality, Institutions and Economic Growth in Latin America - p.545


Vol. 40 P 3 2008

1. Kapcia A. Does Cuba Fit Yet or is it still `Exceptional`? - p.627

2. Gronbeck-Tedesco J.A. The Left in Transition: The Cuban Revolution in US Third World Politics - p.651

3. Miller N. A Revolutionary Modernity: The Cultural Policy of the Cuban Revolution - p.675

4. Fuente A. de la. The New Afro-Cuban  Cultural Movement and the Debate on Rase in Contemporary Cuba - p.697

5. Stout N.M. Feminists, Queers and Critics: Debating the the Cuban Sex Trade - p.721

6. Pertierra A.C. En casa: Women and Households in Post-Soviet Cuba p.743

7. Morris E. Cuba`s New Relationship With Foreign Capital: Economic Policy-Making since 1990 - p.769


Vol. 41 P 1 2009 

1. Barrientos A. & Santibanez C. New Forms of Social Assistance & the Evolution of Social Protection in Latin America - p. 1 

2. Newell P. Bio-Hegemony: The Political Economy of Agricultural Biotechnology in Argentina - p. 27

3. Tankha S. Lost in Translation: Interpreting the Failure of Privatisation in the Brazilian Electric Power Industry  - p. 59 

4. Schjolden L. Sentencing the Social Question: Court-Made Labour Law in Cases of Occupational Accidents in Argentina, 1900-1915 - p. 91

5. Levine D.L. The Future of Christianity in Latin America - p. 121 


Vol. 41 P 2 2009 

1. Schwartzman L.F. Seeing Like Citizens: Unofficial Understandings of Official Racial Categories in a Brazilian University - p. 221 

2. Dargent E. Determinants of Judicial Independence: Lessons From Three `Cases` of Constitutional Courts in Peru (1982-2006) - p. 251 

3. Escosura L.P. Lost Decades? Economic Performance in Post-Independence Latin America - p. 279 

4. Sanz-Villarroya I. Macroeconomic Outcomes and the Relative Position of Argentina`s Economy:1875-2000 - p. 309

5. Riguzzi P. From Globalisation to Revolution? The Porfirian Political Economy: An Essay on Issues and Interpretations - p. 347

Vol. 41 P 3 2009

1. Wolf S.  Subverting Democracy:  Elite rule and the limits to political participation in post-war El Salvador. - p. 429-466.

2. Aleman E. Institutions, political conflict and the cohesion of policy networks in the Chilean Congress, 1961-2006. - p. 467-492.

3. Robles-Ortiz C. Agrarian Capitalism and Rural Labour: The Hacienda System in Central Chile, 18701920. - p. 493-526.

4. D. Langer B. Bringing the Economic Back In: Andean Indians and the Construction of the Nation-State in Nineteenth-Century Bolivia. - p. 527-552.

5. Schneider B. R. Hierarchical Market Economies and Varieties of Capitalism in Latin America. - p. 553-576.


Vol. 41 P 4 2009

1. Andrien K. J.  The Politics of Reform in Spain's Atlantic Empire during the Late Bourbon Period: The Visita of José García de León y Pizarro in Quito. - p. 637

2.  Gomez-Galvarriato A. and   Willamson J.G.  Was It Prices, Productivity or Policy? Latin American Industrialisation after 1870. - p. 663

3.   Hertzman M. A.  A Brazilian Counterweight: Music, Intellectual Property and the African Diaspora in Rio de Janeiro (1910s1930s). - p. 695

4. Suarez -Potts W. J.  The Mexican Supreme Court and the Juntas de Conciliación y Arbitraje, 19171924: The Judicialisation of Labour Relations after the Revolution. - p.723

5. Lindo -Fuentes H.  Educational Television in El Salvador and Modernisation Theory.  - p.757

Vol. 42 P 1 2010

1. RODGERS, DENNIS Contingent Democratisation? The Rise and Fall of Participatory Budgeting in Buenos Aires. - pp 1-27 
2. GRUGEL, JEAN  and PERUZZOTTI, ENRIQUE  Grounding Global Norms in Domestic Politics: Advocacy Coalitions and the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Argentina. -  pp 29-57 
3. RICHARDS, PATRICIA  Of Indians and Terrorists: How the State and Local Elites Construct the Mapuche in Neoliberal Multicultural Chile. - pp 59-90 
4. LEEUWEN, MATHIJS VAN To Conform or to Confront? CSOs and Agrarian Conflict in Post-Conflict Guatemala. - p 91-119 
5. CHINEA, JORGE L.  Confronting the Crisis of the Slave-Based Plantation System in Puerto Rico: Bureaucratic Proposals for Agricultural Modernisation, Diversification and Free Labour, c. 18461852. - pp 121-154

Vol. 42 P 2 2010

1. NEEDELL, JEFFREY D. Brazilian Abolitionism, Its Historiography, and the Uses of Political History. - p. 231-262
2. KIDDLE, AMELIA M. Cabaretistas and Indias Bonitas: Gender and Representations of Mexico in the Americas during the Cárdenas Era. - p. 263-292
3. RADCLIFFE, SARAH A. Re-Mapping the Nation: Cartography, Geographical Knowledge and Ecuadorean Multiculturalism. - p. 293-324
4. LUNA, JUAN PABLO Segmented PartyVoter Linkages in Latin America: The Case of the UDI. - p. 325-356-
5. CRABTREE, JOHN Democracy without Parties? Some Lessons from Peru. - p. 357-384

Vol. 42 P 3 2010
1. LESLIE BETHELL Brazil and Latin America. -  pp 457 -485.

2. JEMIMA GARCÍA-GODOS and KNUT ANDREAS O. LID Transitional Justice and Victims' Rights before the End of a Conflict: The Unusual Case of Colombia. - pp 487 -516.

3. CHARLES D. BROCKETT US Labour and Management Fight It Out in Post-1954 Guatemala. - pp 517 -549.
4. CATHERINE NOLAN-FERRELL Agrarian Reform and Revolutionary Justice in Soconusco, Chiapas: Campesinos and the Mexican State, 19341940. - pp 551 -585. 

5. BRYAN R. ROBERTS Moving On and Moving Back: Rethinking Inequality and Migration in the Latin American City. - pp 587 -614.

Vol. 43 P 1 2011

1. HELGA BAITENMANN  Popular Participation in State Formation: Land Reform in Revolutionary Mexico. - pp 1 - 31.
2. ALFONSO W. QUIROZ Free Association and Civil Society in Cuba, 17871895. - pp 33 - 64 .
3. ANDERS BURMAN  Chachawarmi: Silence and Rival Voices on Decolonisation and Gender Politics in Andean Bolivia. - pp 65 - 91.
4. STENER EKERN The Production of Autonomy: Leadership and Community in Mayan Guatemala. - pp 93 - 119.
5. ELISABET DUEHOLM RASCH Quetzaltenango's First Mayan Mayor: Transforming Political Culture and the Politics of Belonging? - pp 121 - 149.

Vol. 43 P 2 2011

1. GUADALUPE GARCÍA Urban Guajiros: Colonial Reconcentración, Rural Displacement and Criminalisation in Western Cuba, 18951902. - pp 209 - 235 .
2.  MARC BECKER Gonzalo Oleas, Defensor: Cultural Intermediation in Mid-Twentieth-Century Ecuador. - pp 237 - 265.
3.  RAÚL L. MADRID Ethnic Proximity and Ethnic Voting in Peru. - pp 267 - 297.
4.  KATY JENKINS Depoliticisation and the Changing Trajectories of Grassroots Women's Leadership in Peru: From Empowerment to Service Delivery? - pp. 299 - 326.

5. RODRIGO CAPUTO G. and IGAL MAGENDZO Do Exchange Rate Regimes Matter for Inflation and Exchange Rate Dynamics? The Case of Central America. - pp. 327 - 354.

Vol. 43 P 3 2011

1. STEVE ELLNER Venezuela's Social-Based Democratic Model: Innovations and Limitations. - pp 421 - 449.
2. JAMES D. BOWEN Multicultural Market Democracy: Elites and Indigenous Movements in Contemporary Ecuador. - pp 451 - 483
3. NICK COPELAND Guatemala Will Never Change: Radical Pessimism and the Politics of Personal Interest in the Western Highlands. - pp 485 - 515
4. ALFREDO JOIGNANT The Politics of Technopols: Resources, Political Competence and Collective Leadership in Chile, 19902010. - pp 517 - 546
5. STEVEN HYLAND Arisen from Deep Slumber: Transnational Politics and Competing Nationalisms among Syrian Immigrants in Argentina, 19001922. - pp 547 - 574.

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