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Journal of the history of ideas ()

Vol. 66 N 3  2005

1. Cervantes F. Cervantes in Italy: Christin humanism and the visual impact of renaissance Rome - P.325-350

2. Popper N. The English Polydaedali: How Gabriel Harvey read late Tudor London - P.341-382

3. Williams D.L. justice and the general will: Affirming Rousseau's ancient orientation - P.383-412

4. Ceserani G. Narrative, interpretation, and plagiarism in Mr.Robertson's 1778 History of Ancient Greece - P.413-436

5. Gubser M. Time and history in Flois Riegl's Theory of perception - P.451-474


Vol. 66 N 4  2005

1. Celenza C.S. Lorenzo Valla and the tradition and transmissions of philosophy - P. 483-506

2. Regoliosi M. Salvatore Camporeale's contribution to theology and the history of the church - P.527-540

3. Brosseder C. The writing in the Wittenberg sky: Astrology in sexteenth-century Germany - P.557-576

4. Mautner Th. Grotius and the Skeptics - P.577-602

5. Doja A. The advent of heroic anthropology in the history of ideas - P.633-650


Vol. 67 N 2  2006

1. Mulsow M. Practices of unmasking: Polyhistors, correspondence, and the birth of dictionaries of pseudonymity in Seventeenth-century Germany - P.219-251

2. Boyle D. Fame, virtue, and government: Margaret Cavendish on ethics and politics - P.251-291

3. Chaplin Matheson T. Embodying the mind, producing the nation: Philosophy on French television - P.315-343


Vol. 67 N 4  2006

1. Sheehan J. Introduction: thinking about idols in early modern Europe - P.561-571

2. Rubies J.-P. Theology, ethnography, and the historicization of idolatry - P.571-597

3. L. Johnson C. Idolatrous cultures and the practice of religion - P.597-623

4. Maccormack S. Gods, demons, and odols in the Andes - P.623-649

5. Sheehan J. The altars of the idols: religion, sacrifice, and the early modern polity - P.649-675

6. Mulsow M. Idolatry and science: against nature worship from Boyle to Rudiger, 1680-1720 - P.697-711


Vol. 68 N 2  2007

1. S. Bachrach D. The rhetoric of historical writing: documentary sources in histories of worms, c. 1300 - P.187-207

2. F. D'Elia A. Stefano Porcari's conspiracy against pope Nicholas V in 1453 and republican culture in papal Rome - P.207-233

3. Stuurman S. Cosmopolitan egalitarianism in the enlightenment: antquetil duperron on India and America - P.255-279

4. Flobert L. Elie Halevy's first lectures on the history of European socialism - P.329-355


Vol. 69 N 1 2008

1. Ianziti G. Leonardo Bruni, the Medici, and the florentine Histories - P.1

2. Day M. Godless Savages and Superstitious Dogs: Charles Darwin, Imperial Ethnography, and the Problem of Human Uniqueness - P.49

3. Carter S. G. The "Historical Solution" versus the "Philosophical Solution': The Political Commentary of Christopher Dawson and Jacques Maritain, 1927-1939 - P.93


Vol. 69 N 2 2008

1. Benrent M.C. The Mystical Body of Society: Religion and Association in Nineteenth-Century french Political Thought - P.219

2. Mancini M.J. Too Many Tocquevilles: The Fable of Tocgueville's American Reception - p.245

3. Cotkin G. History's Moral Turn - P.293


Vol. 69 N 3 2008

1. Kapust D. On the Uses of Political Fear and its Modern Implications - P.353

2. Myers B. :Following the Way Which Is Called Heresy": Milton and the heretical Imperative - P.375

3. Stanley M. The Pointsman: Ma[well's Demon, Victorian Free Will, and the Boundaries of Science - P.467


Vol. 69 N 4 2008

1. Hamerton K.J. Malebranche, Taste and Sensibility: The Origins of Sensitive Taste and a Reconsideration of Cartesianis's Feminist Potential - P.533--558

2. Bellhouse D. Banishing Fortina: Montmort and De Moivre - P.559-581

3. Dodsworth F.M. The Idea of Police in Eghteenth-Century England: Discipline, Reformation, Superintendence - P.583-604


Vol. 70 N 1 2009 

1. Doody A. Pliny`s Natural History: Enkuklios Paideia and the Ancient Encycloppedia - P.1

2. Lee A. Roman Law and Liberty: Marsilius of Padua on Property Rights - P.23

3. Wegelsworth J. R. Samuel Clarke`s Newtonian Soul - P.45

4. Sakamoto K. The German Hercules`s Heir: Pierre Gassendi`s Reception of Keplerian Ideas - P. 69

5. Betz J.R. Reading ``Sibylline Leaves``: J. G. Hamann in the History of Ideas - P. 93

6. Lamb R. Was William Godwin a Utilitarian? - P.119

7. Martinich A.P. Interpreting the Religion of Thomas Hobbes: An Exchange Hobbes`s Erastianism and Interpretation - P. 143

8. Collins J.R. Interpreting Thomas Hobbes in Competing Contexts - P.165


Vol. 70 N 2 2009 

1. Mortimer S. Human Liberty and Human Nature in the Works of Faustus Socinus and His Readers - P.191-212

2. Neville K. Gothicism and Early Modern Historical Ethnography - P.213-234

3. Moloy J.S. The Aristotelianism of Locke`s Politics - P.235-258

4. Staley T.W. The Journal Mind in its Early Years, 1876-1920 An Introduction - P.259-264 


Vol. 70 N 3 2009 

1. Hiatt A. Diplomatic Arts: Hickes against Mabillon in the Republic of Letters - P.351-374

2. Eigen E.A. The Plagiarism of the Heathens Detected: John Wood, the Elder (1704-1754) on the Translation of Architecture and Empire - P.375-398

3. Ansart G. Variations on Montesquieu: Raynal and Diderot`s Histoire des deux Indes and the American Revolution - P.399-420

4. Valdez D. Bachofen`s Rome and the Fate of the Feminine Orient - P.421-444

5. Pietarinen A.-V. Significs and the Origins of Analytic Philosophy - P.467-490

6. Nadler S. The Jewish Spinoza - P.491-510


Vol. 70 N 4 2009 

1. Force P. Montaigne and the Coherrence of Eclecticism - P. 523

2. Crowe B. D. Theismus des Gefühls: Heydenreich, Fichte, and the Transcendental Philosophy of Religion. P.569 

3. Palti E. J. Beyond Revisionism: The Bicentennial of Independence, the Early Republican Experience, and Intellectual History in Latin America - P.593

4. Withers C. W. J.  Place and the Spatial Turn in Geography and in History - P. 637

5.  Mulsow M. Christian Humanism in the Age of Critical Philology: Ralph Häfners Gods in Exile - P.659


Vol. 71 N 1 2010

1. Cassedy, Steven Beethoven the Romantic: How E. T. A. Hoffmann Got It Right. - pp. 1-37
2. Saastamoinen, Kari Pufendorf on Natural Equality, Human Dignity, and Self-Esteem. - pp. 39-62
3. Margócsy, Dániel "Refer to folio and number": Encyclopedias, the Exchange of Curiosities, and Practices of Identification before Linnaeus. - pp. 63-89

4. Catana, Leo Lovejoy's Readings of Bruno: Or How Nineteenth-century History of Philosophy was "Transformed" into the History of Ideas. - pp. 91-112

5. Lacy Tim The Lovejovian Roots of Adler's Philosophy of History: Authority, Democracy, Irony, and Paradox in Britannica's Great Books of the Western World. - pp. 113-137

Vol. 71 N 2 2010

1. Chen-Morris, Raz  Baroque Optics and the Disappearance of the Observer: From Keplers Optics to Descartes Doubt
Ofer Gal. -
pp. 191-217
2. Podoksik, Efraim One Concept of Liberty: Towards Writing the History of a Political Concept. - pp. 219-240

3. McAlpin, Mary K. Innocence of Experience: Rousseau on Puberty in the State of Civilization. - pp. 241-261

4. Plassart, Anna A Scottish Jacobin: John Oswald on Commerce and Citizenship. - pp. 263-286

5. Isaac, Joel Theorist at Work: Talcott Parsons and the Carnegie Project on Theory, 19491951. pp. 287-311

Vol. 71 N 3 2010

1. Warren Breckman Times of Theory: On Writing the History of French Theory. - pp. 339-361.
2. Carol Quillen The Uses of the Past in Quattrocento Florence: A Reading of Leonardo Bruni's Dialogues. - pp. 363-385.

3. Johan van der Zande Statistik and History in the German Enlightenment. - pp. 411-432.
4. John Michael Corrigan The Metempsychotic Mind: Emerson and Consciousness. - pp. 433-455.
5. Mark D. Larabee Baedekers as Casualty: Great War Nationalism and the Fate of Travel Writing. - pp. 457-480.

Vol. 71 N 4 2010

1. Kenneth Gouwens Erasmus, "Apes of Cicero," and Conceptual Blending. - pp. 523-545.
 2. Michael W. Hickson The Message of Bayle's Last Title: Providence and Toleration in the Entretiens de Maxime et de Thémiste. - pp. 547-567.
 3. Chris Pierson The Reluctant Pirate: Godwin, Justice, and Property. - pp. 569-591.
 4. Erik Linstrum Strauss's Life of Jesus: Publication and the Politics of the German Public Sphere. - pp. 593-616.
 5. Benjamin Crowe Faith and Value: Heinrich Rickert's Theory of Religion. - pp. 617-636.
 6. Katherine Jane Davies A "Third way" Catholic Intellectual: Charles Du Bos, Tragedy, and Ethics in Interwar Paris. - pp. 637-659
 7. John H. Zammito, Karl Menges, Ernest A. Menze Johann Gottfried Herder Revisited: The Revolution in Scholarship in the Last Quarter Century. - pp. 661-684 

Vol. 72 N 1 2011

1. Arthur Weststeijn The Power of Pliant Stuff: Fables and Frankness in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Republicanism. - pp. 1-27.

2. Peter Harrison Adam Smith and the History of the Invisible Hand. - pp. 29-49.

3. Matthew R. Goodrum Recovering the Vestiges of Primeval Europe: Archaeology and the Significance of Stone Implements, 17501800. - pp. 51-74.

4. Francesco Paolo de Ceglia Its not true, but I believe it: Discussions on jettatura in Naples between the End of the Eighteenth and Beginning of the Nineteenth Centuries. - pp. 75-97.

5. Joshua Billings Epic and Tragic Music: The Union of the Arts in the Eighteenth Century. - pp. 99-117.

6. Johannes Hendrikus Burgers Max Nordau, Madison Grant, and Racialized Theories of Ideology. - pp. 119-140.

7. David L. Marshall The Current State of Vico Scholarship. - pp. 141-160.

Vol. 72 N 2 2011

1. James G. Snyder Marsilio Ficinos Critique of the Lucretian Alternative. - pp. 165-181.
 2. Frederic Clark Authenticity, Antiquity, and Authority: Dares Phrygius in Early Modern Europe. - pp. 183-207.
 3. Robin Douglass Rousseaus Debt to Burlamaqui: The Ideal of Nature and the Nature of Things. - pp. 209-230.
 4. Susanne Hillman Men with Muskets, Women with Lyres: Nationality, Citizenship, and Gender in the Writings of Germaine de Staël. - pp. 231-254.
 5. Trygve Throntveit William Jamess Ethical Republic. - pp. 255-277.
 6. Hans Henrik Hjermitslev Protestant Responses to Darwinism in Denmark, 18591914. - pp. 279-303.
 7. S. Adam Seagrave How Old Are Modern Rights?: On the Lockean Roots of Contemporary Human Rights Discourse. - pp. 305-327.

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